Iwao, Shumpei



Faculty of Business and Commerce 経営学専攻 三田研究室409号室(内線23159) (Mita)


Associate Professor

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2-15-45, Mita, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

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  • Born in Saga Prefecture in 1989, he received his Ph.D. in Management from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Economics (it was the University of Tokyo's historically first doctorate in Business Administration), and worked at the Meiji Gakuin University's Faculty of Economics as Junior Associate Professor and the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Information Science and Technology as Visiting Researcher, before being appointed to his current position. He has received 73rd Keio Award from Keio University, 37th Susumu Takamiya Book Award and 36th Susumu Takamiya Publication Award from the Academic Association for Organizational Science, 22nd Japan Society for Production Management Award from Japan Society for Production Management, and others.

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  • I have been studying what factors can promote "innovation" in a wide range of areas such as production processes, product design, and business models. In order to answer these questions, I have used a wide range of research methods, including case studies, statistical empirical analysis, computer simulation, and mathematical modeling/optimization. As an example of the results of this research, I have shown that kaizen activities, which have been considered as the key factor of Japanese firms' success, can lead to large-scale technological innovation as a result of a "chain of problem solving" under a certain organizational design, and that this is the condition for demonstrating the fundamental strength of Japanese manufacturing. Currently, I am searching for the "future organization design and management" mainly by computer based experiments.

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  • 2022.04

    Keio University, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Associate Professor

  • 2021.04

    Keio University, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Assistant Professor

  • 2018.04

    Meiji Gakuin University, Faculty of Economics, Junior Associate Professor

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  • 2009.04

    Keio University, Faculty of Business and Commerce

    University, Graduated, Other

  • 2013.04

    The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Management Division

    Graduate School, Completed, Master's course

  • 2015.04

    The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Management Division

    Graduate School, Completed, Doctoral course

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  • Ph.D. (Management), The University of Tokyo, Coursework, 2018.03

    Kaizen Innovation and Organization Design


Books 【 Display / hide

  • Handbook of Organization Scinece Ⅳ

    Academic Association of Orgazanizational Science, Hakutou Shobo, 2022.09

    Scope: Ch.1 , Accepted

  • Ambidextrous Global Strategy in the Era of Digital Transformation

    G. Shionoya and S. Iwao, Springer, 2022.09

  • Management textbooks from teens to adults

    Iwao, S., KADOKAWA, 2022.06

  • Toward the Renaissance of Japanese Management

    Shumpei IWAO, Nikkei Business Publications, 2021.06

  • The KAIZEN activities revisited: Organizational structures and innovation strategies in the Japanese auto industry

    Shumpei IWAO, Yuhikaku, 2019.12

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  • A New Mathematical Learning Curve Model Based on the Empirical Analysis of Japanese Sharing Economy Companies

    Iwao, S, Park, Y.C, Park, Y.W, Hong, C.P

    IEEE Access (IEEE)  11 ( 1 ) 4944 - 4955 2023.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Lead author, Corresponding author, Accepted

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    Mathematical learning curve models have been widely used in strategic and production planning. In some emerging industries, the learning curve effect may be delayed or inhibited by various factors. This study proposes a new mathematical learning curve model - the squiggly learning curve model - for these emerging industries. The model incorporates any potential impeding factors in learning. It can present all the learning curve shapes in a single formula, from traditional log-linear learning curves to the S-curve learning curve and squiggly or sawtooth-shaped learning curves. This study adopts a mixed methods approach that combines mathematical modeling, nonparametric regression analysis using smoothed spline methods, questionnaire surveys, interviews, and case studies. The findings confirm that the model suitably represents the shape of sharing economy companies' learning curve; this learning curve is affected by several factors, including the increase in site-patrol costs to prevent users from violating rules and regulations, site modification costs, and salaries for customer service and sales employees, which occur as the number of sharing economy platform users increases. Thus, the model can be a useful analytical tool for operations and strategic management in the growth phase of emerging industries, such as the sharing economy industry, where learning impediments exist.

  • Continuous Improvement Revisited: Organization design as the last step for gaining full competitive advantage from Kaizen

    Iwao, S

    Management and Business Review  2 ( 1 ) 56 - 61 2022.08

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work, Accepted

  • Inter-Organizational Knowledge Sharing and Creation in Toyota Group

    Iwao, S, Kato, Y

    Production Management : Transactions of the Japan Society for Production Management  2022.04

    Research paper (scientific journal), Accepted

  • An accounting perspective on the Toyota production system: Why are Just-in-Time and Jidoka the two key pillars of TPS?

    Iwao, S

    Industrial Management and Accounting  2022.04

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

  • Extraordinary Organizations of Ordinary Individuals: A Study on the Management of Innovation "Itself"

    Iwao, S.

    Mita Business Review (慶應義塾大学出版会)  64 ( 3 ) 59 - 78 2021.08

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work, Lead author, Last author, Corresponding author

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Research Projects of Competitive Funds, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • Social Experimental Study on Quality Control of Business Strategies


    若手研究, Principal investigator

  • New Organization Design for Innovation


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists , Principal investigator

Awards 【 Display / hide

  • 4th Hyogensha Award

    2022.04, Hyogensha

    Type of Award: Award from publisher, newspaper, foundation, etc.

  • 73th Keio Prize

    2021.10, Keio Gijuku

    Type of Award: Keio commendation etc.

  • 37th Susumu Takamiya Book Award

    2021.06, Academic Association of Organizational Science

    Type of Award: Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc.

  • 22th Book Award of Japan Society for Production Management

    2020.09, Japan Society for Production Management

    Type of Award: Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc.

  • 36th Susumu Takamiya Publication Award

    2020.06, Academic Association of Organizational Science

    Type of Award: Honored in official journal of a scientific society, scientific journal

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  • 株式会社AD ワークスグループ(東証プライム上場企業)との共同研究


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