Peng, Linyu



Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering (Yagami)


Senior Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)/Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)

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Career 【 Display / hide

  • 2013.10

    Waseda University, Junior Researcher

  • 2015.04

    Waseda University , Assistant Professor

  • 2017.04

    Waseda University, Assistant Professor

Academic Background 【 Display / hide

  • 2004.09

    Beijing Institute of Technology

    University, Graduated

  • 2008.09

    Beijing Institute of Technology

    Graduate School, Completed, Master's course

  • 2010.10

    University of Surrey

    Graduate School, Completed, Doctoral course

Academic Degrees 【 Display / hide

  • PhD, University of Surrey, Coursework, 2013.09


Research Areas 【 Display / hide

  • Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics (Applied Mathematics)

Research Keywords 【 Display / hide

  • Symmetries and conservation laws

  • Geometric mechanics

  • Geometric integrator

  • Information geometry


Books 【 Display / hide

  • Paving the Way for 5G Through the Convergence of Wireless Systems

    X. Zhang, Y. Cao, L. Peng, J. Li, IGI Global Publisher, 2019

    Scope: Enhancing Mobile Data Offloading With In-Network Caching,  Contact page: 250-270

  • An Elementary Introduction to Information Geometry

    H. Sun, Z. Zhang, L. Peng, X. Duan, Science Press, Beijing, 2016.03

  • Object Recognition

    F. Li, L. Peng, H. Sun, IntechOpen, 2011.04,  Page: 350

    Scope: Fibre Bundle Models and 3D Object Recognition,  Contact page: 317-332

Papers 【 Display / hide

  • MIG Median Detectors with Manifold Filter

    Xiaoqiang Hua, Linyu Peng

    Signal Processing  2021.05

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted

  • A Simple Mathematical Model for the Legal Concept of Balancing of Interests

    Frederike Zufall, Rampei Kimura, Linyu Peng

    SSRN Electronic Journal (Elsevier BV)     270 - 271 2021

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  9781450385268

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    This work investigates the extent to which a mathematical model is able to stand in for a legal assessment performed by a lawyer. We propose two simple mathematical models for the legal concept of the balancing of interests by transforming legal criteria into input arguments of the models.

  • Towards holistic charging management for urban electric taxi via a hybrid deployment of battery charging and swap stations

    X Zhang, L Peng, Y Cao, S Liu, H Zhou, L Huang

    Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy)  155   703 - 716 2020.08

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  09601481

     View Summary

    © 2020 Elsevier Ltd While previous studies focused on managing charging demand for private electric vehicles (EVs), we investigate ways of supporting the upgrade of an entire public urban electric taxi (ET) system. Concerning the coexistence of plugin charging stations (CSs) and battery swap stations (BSSs) in practice, it thus requires further efforts to design a holistic charging management especially for ETs. By jointly considering the combination of plug-in charging and battery swapping, a hybrid charging management framework is proposed in this paper. The proposed scheme is capable of guiding ETs to appropriate stations with time-varying requirements depending on how emergent the demand will be. Through the selection of battery charging/swap, the optimization goal is to reduce the trip delay of ET. Results under a Helsinki city scenario with realistic ETs and charging stations show the effectiveness of our enabling technology, in terms of minimized drivers’ trip duration, as well as charging performance gains at the ET and station sides.

  • Application of gradient descent algorithms based on geodesic distances

    X Duan, H Sun, L Peng

    SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences 63 (5), 152201 (Science China Information Sciences)  63 ( 5 )  2020.05

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  1674733X

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    © 2020, Science China Press and Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature. In this paper, the Riemannian gradient algorithm and the natural gradient algorithm are applied to solve descent direction problems on the manifold of positive definite Hermitian matrices, where the geodesic distance is considered as the objective function. The first proposed problem is the control for positive definite Hermitian matrix systems whose outputs only depend on their inputs. The geodesic distance is adopted as the difference of the output matrix and the target matrix. The controller to adjust the input is obtained such that the output matrix is as close as possible to the target matrix. We show the trajectory of the control input on the manifold using the Riemannian gradient algorithm. The second application is to compute the Karcher mean of a finite set of given Toeplitz positive definite Hermitian matrices, which is defined as the minimizer of the sum of geodesic distances. To obtain more efficient iterative algorithm than traditional ones, a natural gradient algorithm is proposed to compute the Karcher mean. Illustrative simulations are provided to show the computational behavior of the proposed algorithms.

  • An assignment model with local constraints: Competitive equilibrium and ascending auction

    L Pan, L Peng, Y Zhou

    Economics Letters (Economics Letters)  188 2020.03

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  01651765

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    © 2019 Elsevier B.V. We consider an assignment model where each agent has unit-demand quasi-linear preferences and may face some local constraint, i.e., her possible assignment is restricted to a subset of items. Our model takes the assignment models without and with outside options, e.g., Andersson (2007) and Andersson et al. (2013), as special cases. We show that local constraints may lead to the non-existence of competitive equilibrium (CE), and provide a sufficient and necessary condition that ensures its existence. We establish the lattice of CE prices. Besides, an ascending auction is proposed, either finding a CE or validating its non-existence in finitely many steps. It generalizes Andersson et al. (2013)’s auction by adjusting increments stepwise.

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Presentations 【 Display / hide

  • Variational systems on the variational bicomplex

    PENG Linyu

    Seminar at INI, Cambridge University, 2019.09, Oral Presentation(general)

  • A general prolongation formulation for symmetries of differential-difference equations

    PENG Linyu

    China-Japan Joint Workshop on Integrable Systems 2019, 2019.08, Oral Presentation(general)

  • Symmetries of semi-discrete variational problems and Noether's theorems

    PENG Linyu

    Symmetry and Singularity of Geometric Structures and Differential Equations, 2018.12, Oral Presentation(general)

  • The discrete Lagrange-d’Alembert principle for physical systems with constraints

    PENG Linyu, YOSHIMURA Hiroaki

    The 5th International Conference on Dynamics, Vibration and Control, 2018.07, Oral Presentation(general)

  • Symmetries and Conservation Laws of Semi-Discrete Equations

    PENG Linyu

    The 12th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, 2018.07, Oral Presentation(general)

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Research Projects of Competitive Funds, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • Multisymplectic Geometry and Geometric Numerical Integrator for Variational Problems


    Keio University, 科学研究費助成事業, Linyu Peng, Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists, Research grant, Principal Investigator

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    Geometric integrator is among one of the most efficient numerical methods for differential equations. In this project, we establish a unified and systematical analogue for understanding both continuous and discrete multisymplectic structures of arbitrary order variational differential equations.

  • 複雑な流体現象のモデリング,マルチスケール構造の解明と数理解析


    Waseda University, 科学研究費助成事業, Hiroaki Yoshimura, 柴田 良弘, 舟木 直久, 小澤 徹, 柳尾 朋洋, 彭 林玉, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), Research grant, Co-investigator

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    We have explored mathematical modeling of complex fluid phenomena, mathematical analysis of partial differential equations and stochastic differential equations associated to multi-scale phenomena as well as applications of nonlinear mechanics. For the mathematical modeling, we have studied a Lagrangian variational formulation of nonequilibrium thermodynamics, modeling of cloud cavitation and with experiments, elucidation of LCS (Lagrangian coherent structures) for Rayleigh-Benard convection as well as a stochastic variational formulation of single bubble dynamics. For the mathematical analysis, we have researched on the existence and uniqueness of Navier-Stokes equations for two-phase flows, stochastic KPZ equations and modified KdV equations. Further we have shown some applications of LCS analysis to space mission design.


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  • The Mathematical Society of Japan, 

  • The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics,