Matsumoto, Kazuaki



Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy 薬効解析学講座 (Shiba-Kyoritsu)



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  • 2003.04

    鹿児島大学医学部・歯学部附属病院, 薬剤部, 医療職員

  • 2007.04

    鹿児島大学医学部・歯学部附属病院, 薬剤部, 主任

  • 2014.04

    慶應義塾大学薬学部, 実務薬学講座, 准教授

  • 2017.04

    慶應義塾大学薬学部, 薬効解析学講座, 教授

Academic Background 【 Display / hide

  • 1994.04

    Kumamoto University, 薬学部, 薬学科

    University, Graduated

  • 1998.04

    Kumamoto University, 薬学研究科

    Graduate School, Completed, Master's course

  • 2000.04

    Kumamoto University, 薬学研究科

    Graduate School, Completed, Doctoral course

Academic Degrees 【 Display / hide

  • 博士(薬学), Kumamoto University, Coursework, 2003.03


Licenses and Qualifications 【 Display / hide

  • 薬剤師免許証, 1998.07

  • 日本薬剤師研修センター認定薬剤師, 2006.03

  • 日本医療薬学会認定薬剤師, 2009.01

  • インフェクションコントロールドクター, 2009.01

  • 感染制御専門薬剤師, 2009.03

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Research Areas 【 Display / hide

  • Life Science / Clinical pharmacy

Research Keywords 【 Display / hide

  • Drug Delivery System

  • 抗菌化学療法

  • 高齢者医療

Research Themes 【 Display / hide

  • 医薬品の薬効評価と副作用解析に基づいた薬物療法の最適化に関する研究, 



Books 【 Display / hide

  • 今日の治療指針2022

    松元一明, 医学書院, 2022.01

    Scope: 市中肺炎/急性中耳炎 服薬指導・薬剤情報

  • 今日の治療薬2022

    松元一明, 南江堂, 2022.01

  • 厚生労働省委託事業 令和3年度院内感染対策講習会テキスト

    松元一明, 一般社団法人 日本環境感染学会, 2021.11

    Scope: 抗菌薬適正使用と支援チームの活動

  • Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Invasive Candidiasis by the Japanese Society for Medical Mycology

    Kazuaki Matsumoto, 日本医真菌学会, 2021.08

  • 抗菌化学療法認定薬剤師テキスト改訂版

    松元一明, 日本化学療法学会, 2021.07

    Scope: 抗菌薬の治療薬物モニタリング,  Contact page: 41-50

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Papers 【 Display / hide

  • Oxidized liposomal artificial red blood cells rescue azide-poisoned mice from lethal toxidrome by recovering cytochrome c oxidase activity

    Suzuki Y., Taguchi K., Hanyu S., Kure T., Enoki Y., Otagiri M., Sakai H., Matsumoto K.

    Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology (Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology)  71 2022.05

    Joint Work,  ISSN  17732247

     View Summary

    Exposure to azide compounds causes inhibition of cytochrome c oxidase in the mitochondria, leading to acute lethal poisoning. Although urgent pharmaceutical intervention is required for rescue from azide poisoning, no antidote exists worldwide. We hypothesized that methemoglobin (metHb) can be a promising material as an antidote for azide poisoning because metHb can strongly bind to azide. However, metHb administration is not feasible owing to in vivo instability and toxicity. We aimed to develop a feasible metHb-based antidote for azide poisoning, in which the inner hemoglobin of liposomal artificial red blood cells is oxidized by mixing with sodium nitrite. From the stopped-flow spectrophotometry analysis, as-prepared oxidized liposomal artificial red blood cells, which encapsulated metHb into the liposome (metHb@Lipo), the binding affinity of metHb@Lipo to azide was comparable to that of bare metHb. In addition, detoxification by metHb@Lipo increased the survival rate in lethal azide-poisoned model mice with recovery of cytochrome c oxidase activity, leading to the amelioration of acidosis and tissue oxidation. Furthermore, metHb@Lipo detoxification functioned even after 1 year of storage in a ready-to-use formulation. These results indicate that oxidized liposomal artificial red blood cells are a potent antidote for azide poisoning with favorable properties for use in critical care medicine.

  • Efficacy and Safety of Daptomycin versus Vancomycin for Bacteremia Caused by Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus with Vancomycin Minimum Inhibitory Concentration > 1 µg/mL: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Samura M., Kitahiro Y., Tashiro S., Moriyama H., Hamamura Y., Takahata I., Kawabe R., Enoki Y., Taguchi K., Takesue Y., Matsumoto K.

    Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutics)  14 ( 4 )  2022.04

    Joint Work

     View Summary

    This systematic review and meta-analysis compares the efficacy of daptomycin and van-comycin in adult patients with bacteremia by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) with vancomycin minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) > 1 µg/mL. We searched the PubMed, Web of Science, Cochrane Library, and databases on 12 May 2020. All-cause mortality (primary outcome) and treatment success rates were compared and subgroups stratified by infection source risk level and method of vancomycin susceptibility testing were also analyzed. Seven studies (n = 907 patients) were included in this efficacy analysis. Compared with vancomycin, daptomycin treatment was associated with significantly lower mortality (six studies, odds ratio (OR) 0.53, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.29–0.98) and higher treatment success (six studies, OR 2.20, 95% CI 1.63–2.96), which was consistent regardless of the vancomycin MIC test method used. For intermediate-risk sources, daptomycin was a factor increasing treatment success compared with vancomycin (OR 4.40, 95% CI 2.06–9.40), and it exhibited a trend toward a higher treatment success rate for high-risk sources. In conclusion, daptomycin should be considered for the treatment of bacteremia caused by MRSA with vancomycin MIC > 1 µg/mL, especially in patients with intermediate-and high-risk bacteremia sources.

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin in the Framework of Model-Informed Precision Dosing: A Consensus Review by the Japanese Society of Chemotherapy and the Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

    Matsumoto K., Oda K., Shoji K., Hanai Y., Takahashi Y., Fujii S., Hamada Y., Kimura T., Mayumi T., Ueda T., Nakajima K., Takesue Y.

    Pharmaceutics (Pharmaceutics)  14 ( 3 )  2022.03

    Joint Work

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    Background: To promote model-informed precision dosing (MIPD) for vancomycin (VCM), we developed statements for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Methods: Ten clinical questions were selected. The committee conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis as well as clinical studies to establish recommendations for area under the concentration-time curve (AUC)-guided dosing. Results: AUC-guided dosing tended to more strongly decrease the risk of acute kidney injury (AKI) than trough-guided dosing, and a lower risk of treatment failure was demonstrated for higher AUC/minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) ratios (cut-off of 400). Higher AUCs (cut-off of 600 µg·h/mL) significantly increased the risk of AKI. Although Bayesian estimation with two-point measurement was recommended, the trough concentration alone may be used in patients with mild infections in whom VCM was administered with q12h. To increase the concentration on days 1–2, the routine use of a loading dose is required. TDM on day 2 before steady state is reached should be considered to optimize the dose in patients with serious infections and a high risk of AKI. Conclusions: These VCM TDM guidelines provide recommendations based on MIPD to increase treatment response while preventing adverse effects.

  • Validation of Vancomycin Area under the Concentration-Time Curve Estimation by the Bayesian Approach Using One-Point Samples for Predicting Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infections.

    Ueda T, Takesue Y, Nakajima K, Ichiki K, Ishikawa K, Yamada K, Tsuchida T, Otani N, Takahashi Y, Ishihara M, Takubo S, Ikeuchi H, Uchino M, Kimura T, Matsumoto K, Oda K, Kimura T

    Antibiotics (Basel, Switzerland) (Antibiotics)  11 ( 1 )  2022.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  2079-6382

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    Area under the concentration–time curve (AUC)-guided vancomycin treatment is asso-ciated with decreased nephrotoxicity. It is preferable to obtain two samples to estimate the AUC. This study examined the usefulness of AUC estimation via trough concentration (Cmin )-only sampling of 260 adults infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) who received vancomycin. The exact Cmin sampling time was used for Bayesian estimation. A significantly higher early treatment response was observed in patients with a day 2 AUC ≥ 400 µg·h/mL than those with <400 µg·h/mL, and a significantly higher early nephrotoxicity rate was observed in patients with a day 2 AUC ≥ 600 µg·h/mL than those with <600 µg·h/mL. These AUC cutoff values constituted independent factors for each outcome. In sub-analysis, the discrimination ability for early clinical outcomes using these AUC cutoffs was confirmed only in patients with q12 vancomycin administra-tion. A significant difference in early treatment response using the 400 µg·h/mL cutoff was obtained only in patients with low-risk infections. The usefulness of the vancomycin AUC target to decrease nephrotoxicity while assuring clinical efficacy was even confirmed with a single Cmin measurement. However, assessment with two samples might be required in patients with q24 administration or high/moderate-risk MRSA infections.

  • Clinical practice guidelines for therapeutic drug monitoring of teicoplanin: a consensus review by the Japanese Society of Chemotherapy and the Japanese Society of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

    Hanai Y, Takahashi Y, Niwa T, Mayumi T, Hamada Y, Kimura T, Matsumoto K, Fujii S, Takesue Y

    The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy (Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy)  77 ( 4 ) 869 - 879 2022.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  0305-7453

     View Summary

    Background: Owing to its low risk of adverse effects, teicoplanin has been extensively used in patients with infections caused by MRSA. To promote the better management of patients receiving teicoplanin, we have updated the guidelines for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Methods: The guidelines were developed by a committee following the methodology handbook published by the Japanese Medical Information Distribution Service. Nine clinical questions were selected. The committee conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to establish evidence-based recommendations for the target trough concentration (Cmin). An initial electronic database search returned 515 articles, and 97 articles qualified for a full review. Four and five studies were included for the efficacy evaluation of cut-off Cmin values of 15 and 20 mg/L, respectively. Results: Compared with Cmin < 15 mg/L, a target Cmin value of 15-30 mg/L resulted in increased clinical efficacy in patients with non-complicated MRSA infections (OR = 2.68; 95% CI = 1.14-6.32) without an increase in adverse effects. Although there was insufficient evidence, target Cmin values of 20-40 mg/L were suggested in patients with complicated or serious MRSA infections. A 3 day loading regimen followed by maintenance treatment according to renal function was recommended to achieve the target trough concentrations. Because of the prolonged half-life of teicoplanin, measurement of the Cmin value on Day 4 before reaching steady state was recommended. Conclusions: The new guideline recommendations indicate the target Cmin value for TDM and the dosage regimen to achieve this concentration and suggest practices for specific subpopulations.

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Reviews, Commentaries, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • 細菌性髄膜炎患者におけるバンコマイシンの髄液移行性に関する研究

    篠田 こずえ, 一ノ瀬 直樹, 小田 智三, 榎木 裕紀, 田口 和明, 松元 一明

    日本化学療法学会雑誌 ((公社)日本化学療法学会)  70 ( 1 ) 157 - 158 2022.01

    ISSN  1340-7007

  • 潜在性結核感染症の治療を受けた生物学的製剤使用患者における結核発症のリスク因子の検討

    板垣 万里奈, 池谷 修, 榎木 裕紀, 田口 和明, 上蓑 義典, 宇野 俊介, 内田 翔, 南宮 湖, 松元 一明, 長谷川 直樹

    日本化学療法学会雑誌 ((公社)日本化学療法学会)  70 ( 1 ) 163 - 163 2022.01

    ISSN  1340-7007

  • 小児患者を対象とした抗菌薬使用量と地域別使用動向に関する研究

    榎木 裕紀, 北野 道春, 田口 和明, 松元 一明

    日本化学療法学会雑誌 ((公社)日本化学療法学会)  70 ( 1 ) 155 - 155 2022.01

    ISSN  1340-7007

  • リネゾリドによる血液毒性に与える腎障害またはトラフ値の影響

    劉 小茜, 長 邑花, 榎木 裕紀, 田口 和明, 松元 一明

    日本化学療法学会雑誌 ((公社)日本化学療法学会)  70 ( 1 ) 159 - 160 2022.01

    ISSN  1340-7007

  • Mycobacterium abscessus complexに対するNacubactamとβラクタム薬の併用効果

    三澤 可奈, 西村 知泰, 榎木 裕紀, 田口 和明, 宇野 俊介, 上蓑 義典, 松元 一明, 長谷川 直樹

    日本化学療法学会雑誌 ((公社)日本化学療法学会)  70 ( 1 ) 162 - 163 2022.01

    ISSN  1340-7007

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Presentations 【 Display / hide

  • 潜在性結核感染症の治療を受けた生物学的製剤使用患者における結核発症のリスク因子の検討.

    板垣万里奈, 池谷修, 榎木裕紀, 田口和明, 上蓑義典, 宇野俊介, 内田翔, 南宮湖, 松元一明, 長谷川直樹

    第70回日本感染症学会東日本地方会学術集会/第68回日本化学療法学会東日本支部総会合同学会 (東京都) , 


    Oral presentation (general)

  • リネゾリドにより高度の乳酸アシドーシスをきたした1例.

    藤井元輝, 松田直也, 髙橋芳徳, 松元一明, 細川直登

    第70回日本感染症学会東日本地方会学術集会/第68回日本化学療法学会東日本支部総会合同学会 (東京都) , 


    Oral presentation (general)

  • 細菌性髄膜炎患者におけるバンコマイシンの髄液移行性に関する研究.

    篠田こずえ, 一ノ瀬直樹, 小田智三, 榎木裕紀, 田口和明, 松元一明

    第70回日本感染症学会東日本地方会学術集会/第68回日本化学療法学会東日本支部総会合同学会 (東京都) , 


    Oral presentation (general)

  • 小児患者を対象とした抗菌薬使用量と地域別使用動向に関する研究.

    榎木裕紀, 北野道春, 田口和明, 松元一明

    第70回日本感染症学会東日本地方会学術集会/第68回日本化学療法学会東日本支部総会合同学会 (東京都) , 


    Oral presentation (general)

  • Mycobacterium abscessus complexに対するNacubactamとβラクタム薬の併用効果.

    三澤可奈, 西村知泰, 榎木裕紀, 田口和明, 宇野俊介, 上蓑義典, 松元一明, 長谷川直樹

    第70回日本感染症学会東日本地方会学術集会/第68回日本化学療法学会東日本支部総会合同学会 (東京都) , 


    Oral presentation (general)

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Research Projects of Competitive Funds, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • Investigation of the effectiveness of imeglimin as a potential therapeutic agent for sarcopenia


    大日本住友製薬株式会社, Commissioned research, Principal investigator

  • 肺Mycobacterium abscessus complex症に対するクロファジミンの有効性及び安全性を検討する医師主導治験実施のためのプロトコール作成研究


    国立研究開発法人日本医療研究開発機構(AMED), 革新的医療シーズ実用化研究事業, Joint research, Coinvestigator(s)

  • MRSA骨感染症の克服を目指したテジゾリド最適化投与法の構築


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Coinvestigator(s)

  • Hollow-Fiber Infection Modelを応用した新型コロナウイルス感染症(COVID-19)対する治療薬の開発促進に向けた評価法・検証法の構築に資する基盤研究


    国立研究開発法人日本医療研究開発機構(AMED), 新興・再興感染症に対する革新的医薬品等開発推進研究事業, Joint research, Coinvestigator(s)

  • OP0595の臨床有効性評価


    Meiji Seikaファルマ株式会社, Commissioned research, Principal investigator

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Intellectual Property Rights, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • メトヘモグロビン小胞体を有効成分として含む医薬およびその使用

    Date applied: 特願2020-144044  2020.08 

    Patent, Joint

Awards 【 Display / hide

  • 第13回日本化学療法学会東日本支部 支部奨励賞(基礎)

    三澤可奈、西村知泰、榎木裕紀、田口和明、宇野俊介、上蓑義典、松元一明、長谷川直樹, 2022.01, Mycobacterium abscessus complexに対するNacubactamとβラクタム薬の併用効果

  • 第13回日本化学療法学会東日本支部 支部長賞(臨床)

    劉小茜、長邑花、榎木裕紀、田口和明、松元一明, 2022.01, リネゾリドによる血液毒性に与える腎障害またはトラフ値の影響

  • 第28回日本血液代替物学会年次大会優秀発表賞

    渡部佑樹、田口和明、榎木裕紀、酒井宏水、小田切優樹、松元一明, 2021.10, 一酸化炭素結合型ヘモグロビン小胞体の急性呼吸窮迫症候群に対する有用性評価

  • 第31回日本医療薬学会年会 Young Investigator’s Award

    長邑花、榎木裕紀、田口和明、松元一明, 2021.10, 廃用性筋萎縮による敗血症病態増悪における骨格筋由来エクソソームの関与

  • MRSAフォーラム2020 一般演題優秀賞

    田代渉、北廣夕貴、森山大夢、濱村有那、高畑勇、川邊理奈、榎木裕紀、田口和明、松元一明, 2021.07, MRSA菌血症に対するダプトマイシンとバンコマイシンの有効性及び安全性の評価:システマティックレビュー&メタ解析

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Social Activities 【 Display / hide

Memberships in Academic Societies 【 Display / hide

  • 日本医真菌学会, 

  • 日本DDS学会, 

  • 日本臨床微生物学会, 

  • 日本老年薬学会 理事・評議員, 

  • 日本薬剤学会, 


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