Iwata, Takashi



School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Gynecology) (Shinanomachi)


Assistant Professor/Senior Assistant Professor

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  • 1995

    慶応義塾大学, 医学部, 医学科


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  • 日本産科婦人科学会専門医

  • 日本婦人科腫瘍学会婦人科腫瘍専門医

  • 日本臨床細胞学会細胞診専門医

  • 日本がん治療認定医機構がん治療認定医

  • 日本がん治療認定医機構暫定教育医


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  • Obstetrics and gynecology

Research Keywords 【 Display / hide

  • 婦人科腫瘍の免疫学的特性

  • 子宮頸癌の臨床病理的特徴

  • 子宮頸部での局所免疫応答


Books 【 Display / hide

  • 子宮頚癌治療ガイドライン 2017年度版

    Iwata Takashi, 金原出版株式会社, 2017.07

Papers 【 Display / hide

  • The validity of the subsequent pregnancy index score for fertility-sparing trachelectomy in early-stage cervical cancer.

    Iwata T, Machida H, Matsuo K, Okugawa K, Saito T, Tanaka K, Morishige K, Kobayashi H, Yoshino K, Tokunaga H, Ikeda T, Shozu M, Yaegashi N, Enomoto T, Mikami M

    Fertility and sterility (Fertility and Sterility)   2021.02

    ISSN  0015-0282

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    Objective: To evaluate timing and a prediction model for pregnancy in early-stage cervical cancer patients who underwent fertility-sparing trachelectomy. Design: Retrospective cohort. Setting: Academic multicenter. Patient(s): Women ages <45 years with clinical stage I–II cervical cancer were enrolled between 2009 and 2013 (n = 393). Intervention(s): Planned fertility-sparing trachelectomy. Main Outcome Measure(s): Cumulative incidences and clinicopathological characteristics of those who developed subsequent pregnancy were examined. Result(s): There were 77 (21.6%) women who had subsequent pregnancies after fertility-sparing trachelectomy with 1-, 2-, and 5-year cumulative pregnancy rates of 2.8%, 6.2%, and 17.4%, respectively. The median time to develop subsequent pregnancy was 3.2 years. In a competing risk analysis, women had a higher risk of recurrent cancer than conception during the first 11 months postsurgery. On multivariable analysis, younger age, being married, and postoperative reproductive treatment were independently associated with an increased chance of developing a subsequent pregnancy. The subsequent pregnancy index (SPI) score to predict the likelihood of having pregnancy was proposed, and it was calculated based on age, marital status, and reproductive treatment (2, 2, and 4 points, respectively). Women with a higher SPI score had significantly higher subsequent pregnancy rates (5-year pregnancy rate; the score was 3 in 4.7% of cases; 4 to 5 in 11.3%; 6 to 7 in 27.4%; and 8 in 50.8%), but they had similar recurrence rates (5.0%). Conclusion(s): The SPI score proposed in our study is useful in predicting subsequent pregnancy in women with early-stage cervical cancer undergoing fertility-sparing trachelectomy.

  • 子宮頸癌の治療 子宮頸癌の手術

    岩田 卓

    日本産科婦人科学会雑誌 72 ( 12 ) 1688 - 1693 2020.12


  • Outcomes in patients with extramammary Paget disease with brain metastasis: A retrospective analysis.

    Fusumae T, Fukuda K, Hirai I, Nakamura Y, Tanese K, Iwata T, Funakoshi T

    Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 83 ( 6 ) 1832 - 1834 2020.12

    ISSN  0190-9622

  • Current status of cancer immunotherapy for gynecologic malignancies.

    Nishio H, Iwata T, Aoki D

    Japanese journal of clinical oncology (Japanese journal of clinical oncology)  51 ( 2 ) 167 - 172 2020.11

    ISSN  0368-2811

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    Recent cancer immunotherapy development with immune checkpoint inhibitors has shown durable clinical responses in a wide variety of tumor types. These drugs targeting programmed cell death 1, its ligand programmed death ligand 1 and cytotoxic T cell lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 have revolutionized the field of cancer treatment. It is of significant interest in optimizing the immunotherapy for cancer patients beyond the conventional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Many clinical trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of various combined regimens with immune checkpoint inhibitors have been reported and are in progress. Among gynecologic malignancy, endometrial cancers have distinct subtypes with microsatellite instability-high status and polymerase ɛ mutation. These types have been shown to immunogenic tumors and appropriated candidate for immune checkpoint inhibitors. Also, recurrent cervical cancer showed a promising objective response with single anti-PD1 Ab treatment. Despite their definite outcome and considerable potential of immunotherapy, not all patients received a survival benefit and further understanding of human tumor immunology is essential to improve this type of therapy. In this review, we have summarized the updated results of clinical trials of cancer immunotherapy for gynecologic malignancies and discussed the future perspectives.

  • High Levels of Within-Host Variations of Human Papillomavirus 16 E1/E2 Genes in Invasive Cervical Cancer

    Hirose Y., Yamaguchi-Naka M., Onuki M., Tenjimbayashi Y., Tasaka N., Satoh T., Tanaka K., Iwata T., Sekizawa A., Matsumoto K., Kukimoto I.

    Frontiers in Microbiology (Frontiers in Microbiology)  11   596334 2020.11

     View Summary

    © Copyright © 2020 Hirose, Yamaguchi-Naka, Onuki, Tenjimbayashi, Tasaka, Satoh, Tanaka, Iwata, Sekizawa, Matsumoto and Kukimoto. Human papillomavirus type 16 (HPV16) is the most common HPV genotype found in invasive cervical cancer (ICC). Recent comprehensive genomics studies of HPV16 have revealed that a large number of minor nucleotide variations in the viral genome are present in each infected woman; however, it remains unclear whether such within-host variations of HPV16 are linked to cervical carcinogenesis. Here, by employing next-generation sequencing approaches, we explored the mutational profiles of the HPV16 genome within individual clinical specimens from ICC (n = 31) and normal cervix (n = 21) in greater detail. A total of 367 minor nucleotide variations (167 from ICC and 200 from the normal cervix) were detected throughout the viral genome in both groups, while nucleotide variations at high frequencies (>10% abundance in relative read counts in a single sample) were more prevalent in ICC (10 in ICC versus 1 in normal). Among the high-level variations found in ICC, six were located in the E1/E2 genes, and all of them were non-synonymous substitutions (Q142K, M207I, and L262V for E1; D153Y, R302T, and T357A for E2). In vitro functional analyses of these E1/E2 variants revealed that E1/M207I, E2/D153Y, and E2/R302T had reduced abilities to support viral replication, and that E2/D153Y and E2/R302T failed to suppress the viral early promoter. These results imply that some within-host variations of E1/E2 present at high levels in ICC may be positively selected for and contribute to cervical cancer development through dysfunction or de-stabilization of viral replication/transcription proteins.

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Reviews, Commentaries, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • 子宮頸部上皮内腫瘍に対する治療法の選択 円錐切除術?または蒸散術?

    仲村 勝, 西尾 浩, 森定 徹, 岩田 卓, 青木 大輔

    日本婦人科腫瘍学会雑誌 ((公社)日本婦人科腫瘍学会)  39 ( 1 ) 217 - 217 2021.01

    ISSN  1347-8559

  • Trachelectomy for early-stage cervical cancer: A proposal of an ideal candidate(和訳中)

    岩田 卓

    日本婦人科腫瘍学会雑誌 ((公社)日本婦人科腫瘍学会)  39 ( 1 ) 246 - 247 2021.01

    ISSN  1347-8559

  • 子宮頸癌の治療 子宮頸癌の手術

    岩田 卓

    日本産科婦人科学会雑誌 ((公社)日本産科婦人科学会)  72 ( 12 ) 1688 - 1693 2020.12

    ISSN  0300-9165

  • 咽頭部違和感症を訴える更年期女性に対する、半夏厚朴湯の効果と検討

    大野 あゆみ, 横田 めぐみ, 谷本 慧子, 堀場 裕子, 千代田 達幸, 山上 亘, 弟子丸 亮太, 岩田 卓, 阪埜 浩司, 青木 大輔

    日本女性医学学会雑誌 ((一社)日本女性医学学会)  28 ( 1 ) 165 - 165 2020.10

    ISSN  2185-8861

  • 当科における悪性卵巣腫瘍術後患者へのホルモン補充療法(HRT)の有用性に関する検討

    谷本 慧子, 横田 めぐみ, 千代田 達幸, 黒田 由香, 吉村 拓馬, 平野 卓朗, 山上 亘, 弟子丸 亮太, 岩田 卓, 阪埜 浩司, 青木 大輔

    日本女性医学学会雑誌 ((一社)日本女性医学学会)  28 ( 1 ) 120 - 120 2020.10

    ISSN  2185-8861

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  • 腫瘍免疫学の基礎と最新トピックス


    第7回婦人科腫瘍学会研修会 (東京) , 2020.12, Oral Presentation(guest/special)

  • 遺伝子パネル検査に基づくがんゲノム医療の現状


    Kansai Ovarian cancer Gynecologic seminar (大阪) , 2020.12, Oral Presentation(guest/special)

  • 遺伝子パネル検査に基づくがんゲノム医療の現状


    第52回 日本臨床分子形態学会総会・学術集会, 2020.12, Oral Presentation(guest/special)

  • 咽頭部違和感症を訴える更年期女性に対する、半夏厚朴湯の効果と検討

    大野 あゆみ(慶応義塾大学 医学部産婦人科), 横田 めぐみ, 谷本 慧子, 堀場 裕子, 千代田 達幸, 山上 亘, 弟子丸 亮太, 岩田 卓, 阪埜 浩司, 青木 大輔

    (東京) , 2020.11, Oral Presentation(general)

  • 当科における悪性卵巣腫瘍術後患者へのホルモン補充療法(HRT)の有用性に関する検討

    谷本 慧子(慶応義塾大学 医学部産婦人科学教室), 横田 めぐみ, 千代田 達幸, 黒田 由香, 吉村 拓馬, 平野 卓朗, 山上 亘, 弟子丸 亮太, 岩田 卓, 阪埜 浩司, 青木 大輔

    (東京) , 2020.11, Oral Presentation(general)

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Research Projects of Competitive Funds, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • Development of TIL culture method for tumor infiltrating T cell therapy for cervical cancer


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 岩田 卓, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), Principal Investigator

  • Analysis of molecular biological and tumor immunological characteristics of HPV negative cervical adenocarcinoma


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 岩田 卓, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Principal Investigator


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  • 日本免疫学会

  • 日本産婦人科学会

  • 日本癌学会

  • 日本癌治療学会

  • 日本臨床細胞学会


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