Nakayama, Turrent robert



School of Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery (Shinanomachi)


Assistant Professor/Senior Assistant Professor

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  • 1995.04

    慶應義塾大学, 医学部, 医学科

    University, Graduated

  • 2004.04

    慶應義塾大学, 医学部, 医学科

    Graduate School, Graduated, Doctoral course

Academic Degrees 【 Display / hide

  • 医学博士, 慶應義塾大学, 2008.01

Licenses and Qualifications 【 Display / hide

  • 医師免許, 2001.05


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  • Orthopaedic surgery

Research Keywords 【 Display / hide

  • Musculoskeletal Oncology


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  • SMARCB1 is required for widespread BAF complex-mediated activation of enhancers and bivalent promoters

    R. T. Nakayama, J. L. Pulice, A. M. Valencia, M. J. McBride, Z. M. McKenzie, M. A. Gillespie, W. L. Ku, M. Teng, K. Cui, R. T. Williams, S. H. Cassel, H. Qing, C. J. Widmer, G. D. Demetri, R. A. Irizarry, K. Zhao, J. A. Ranish and C. Kadoch

    Nat Genet  2017.09

    ISSN  1546-1718

     View Summary

    Perturbations to mammalian SWI/SNF (mSWI/SNF or BAF) complexes contribute to more than 20% of human cancers, with driving roles first identified in malignant rhabdoid tumor, an aggressive pediatric cancer characterized by biallelic inactivation of the core BAF complex subunit SMARCB1 (BAF47). However, the mechanism by which this alteration contributes to tumorigenesis remains poorly understood. We find that BAF47 loss destabilizes BAF complexes on chromatin, absent significant changes in complex assembly or integrity. Rescue of BAF47 in BAF47-deficient sarcoma cell lines results in increased genome-wide BAF complex occupancy, facilitating widespread enhancer activation and opposition of Polycomb-mediated repression at bivalent promoters. We demonstrate differential regulation by two distinct mSWI/SNF assemblies, BAF and PBAF complexes, enhancers and promoters, respectively, suggesting that each complex has distinct functions that are perturbed upon BAF47 loss. Our results demonstrate collaborative mechanisms of mSWI/SNF-mediated gene activation, identifying functions that are co-opted or abated to drive human cancers and developmental disorders.

  • Metastasis of Renal Cell Carcinoma to the Trapezium

    R. Nakagawa, M. Susa, R. Nakayama, I. Watanabe, K. Horiuchi, Y. Toyama, M. Nakamura, M. Matsumoto and H. Morioka

    J Hand Surg Asian Pac Vol 22 ( 2 ) 262 - 265 2017.06

    ISSN  2424-8363

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    Solitary metastasis of a carcinoma to carpal bone is extremely rare. Metastases of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) usually occur in a multiple fashion and there has been no report to date of a solitary metastasis to trapezium from RCC. The tumor was excised and reconstructed with iliac bone transplantation. 2 years and 6 months after surgery, there is no local recurrence with minimal functional loss.

  • Extraskeletal Chondroma of the Index Finger: A Case Report

    M. Saito, K. Nishimoto, R. Nakayama, K. Kikuta, M. Nakamura, M. Matsumoto and H. Morioka

    Case Rep Oncol 10 ( 2 ) 479 - 484 2017.05

    ISSN  1662-6575

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    Extraskeletal chondroma is defined as a rare, benign, cartilaginous tumor arising from soft tissues such as tendons, tendon sheath synovia, and joint capsules with no continuity to the periosteum or bone cortex. In histopathologic findings, the tumor exhibits many lobular structures and some parts similar to hyaline cartilage. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate this tumor from low-grade chondrosarcoma because of their similar histopathologic findings. In order to prevent recurrence, it is necessary to remove the tumor as a whole, including the capsule, so as not to leave any remnants of the tumor. In this article, we report our treatment experience with a case of extraskeletal chondroma in the index finger of a 63-year-old patient.

  • A histological positive margin after surgery is correlated with high local re-recurrence rate in patients with recurrent myxofibrosarcoma

    K. Kikuta, R. Nakayama, A. Yoshida, A. Sasaki, K. Kameyama, H. Chuman, A. Kawai, M. Nakamura, M. Matsumoto and H. Morioka

    Jpn J Clin Oncol 47 ( 4 ) 334 - 341 2017.04

    ISSN  1465-3621

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    Objective: Myxofibrosarcoma has high frequency of local recurrence after surgery. To determine an optimal treatment for recurrent tumors, clinical features of recurrent cases should be characterized. Methods: We performed a retrospective analysis of 30 patients with recurrent myxofibrosarcoma who underwent surgery between 1999 and 2008. Results: A negative margin after surgery was achieved in only 12 patients (40.0%). The 5-year re-recurrence free-survival rate was 31.7%. The 5-year re-recurrence free survival for those with positive histological margin and those with negative margin were 9.8% and 62.3%, respectively, which indicated that a positive margin was the significant predictor of poor prognosis (P = 0.006). In 21 patients with recurrent myxofibrosarcoma in the extremities, 10 patients (47.6%) ultimately underwent amputation in the follow-up period and the 5-year amputation-free survival rate was 62.5%. The 5-year metastasis-free survival rates and the 5-year overall survival rates were 84.8% and 83.6%, respectively. Conclusions: In this study, the majority of recurrent cases could not achieve negative margins; notably, a positive margin is a significant poor prognostic indicator of local re-recurrence in patients with recurrent myxofibrosarcoma. To control local recurrence of myxofibrosarcoma was extremely difficult and amputation is often needed in the extremity cases.

  • Computed tomography-guided percutaneous cryoablation for recurrent sacral chordoma following carbon ion radiotherapy: A case report

    N. Inaba, R. Nakayama, T. Mori, S. Hosaka, M. Susa, H. Yabe, M. Inoue, S. Nakatsuka, M. Nakamura, M. Matsumoto, Y. Toyama and H. Morioka

    J Orthop Sci  2016.11

    ISSN  1436-2023

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  • リキッドバイオプシーによる骨軟部腫瘍の病勢モニタリングの実用化を目指した研究


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 中山 タラントロバート, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Principal Investigator

  • 滑膜肉腫における変異SWI/SNFクロマチン制御複合体の機能解析


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 中山 タラント ロバート, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Principal Investigator


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