Baba, Mineko



School of Medicine, Center for Integrated Medical Research (Shinanomachi)


Research Associate/Assistant Professor/Instructor

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  • 1984.04

    Keio University, 法学部, 法律学科


  • 1994.04

    Keio University, 医学部

    Graduate School, Completed, Master's course

Academic Degrees 【 Display / hide

  • Med.Sci, Keio University, Coursework, 1996.03

  • Doctor(Medicine), Shiga University of Medical Science, Dissertation, 2019.03


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  • Legal medicine

  • Medical sociology


Books 【 Display / hide

  • 交通外傷

    一杉正仁, 西山慶 他, 名古屋大学出版会, 2020.06,  Page: 259

    Scope: 交通安全に関わる法律,  Contact page: 16-30

  • 脳卒中後の自動車運転再開の手引き

    武原格, 一杉正仁 他, 縊死役出版株式会社, 2017.10

  • 健康起因事故の医学と法律

    BABA MINEKO, 医学と看護社, 2016.11

  • 医療文書 書き方マニュアル

    BABA MINEKO, メジカルビュー社, 2015.08

    Scope: 医療文書と訴訟

Papers 【 Display / hide

  • Factors influencing the injury severity score and the probability of survival in patients who fell from height

    Fujii M., Shirakawa T., Nakamura M., Baba M., Hitosugi M.

    Scientific Reports (Scientific Reports)  11 ( 1 )  2021.12

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    In Japan, falls from height result in the second highest trauma mortality rate after traffic motor vehicle collisions and the highest trauma-related mortality rate amongst young people. We aimed to identify factors that worsen injury severity and lower survival probability of patients who fell from height and to contribute to the improvement of their prehospital and in-hospital care. This retrospective analysis retrieved hospital records of 179 patients aged ≥ 15 years who were transported to our hospital after a fall from height during April 2014–March 2020. On multiple regression analysis, fall height ≥ 5 m more significantly resulted in higher the injury severity score. Logistic regression analysis revealed that fall height ≥ 5 m with the reference of 2–3 m significantly resulted in lower the survival probability with odds ratio (95% confidence interval) of 0.10 (0.02–0.55). Using ‘feet-first’ as the reference body position, the odds ratios (95% confidence interval) of survival for those who impacted the surface on the lateral or dorsal regions were 0.11 (0.02–0.64) and 0.17 (0.03–0.99), respectively. Collecting information on the abovementioned factors at pre-hospitalisation may facilitate prompt diagnosis and treatment. These results may help improve prehospital and in-hospital care, avoiding preventable trauma deaths.

  • Factors influencing the long-term hospitalization of bicyclists and motorcyclists with oral and maxillofacial injuries

    Hirobe Y., Koshinuma S., Nakamura M., Baba M., Yamamoto G., Hitosugi M.

    Dental Traumatology (Dental Traumatology)  37 ( 2 ) 234 - 239 2021.04

    ISSN  16004469

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    Background/Aim: Because bicyclists and motorcyclists with oral and maxillofacial injuries often suffer from disabilities requiring long-term treatment, reducing the severity of such injuries is a valuable objective for improving these people's quality of life (QOL). The aims of this study were, first, to present the prevalence and patterns of oral and maxillofacial injuries of bicyclists and motorcyclists and to compare the features of these injuries and, second, to determine the factors contributing to long-term hospitalization for these patients and to propose effective preventive measures. Material and Methods: This was a single-center retrospective analysis. Hospital records from 2011 through 2018 were reviewed for all patients who had sustained oral and maxillofacial injuries in bicycle or motorcycle collisions and had presented at a university hospital which was the only hospital in the region attended 24 hours per day by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Characteristics of the oral and maxillofacial injuries, injury severity, and factors influencing the length of hospitalization were examined. Results: Records of 130 patients (82 bicyclists and 48 motorcyclists) with a mean age of 28.0 years were analyzed. Thirty-three patients (25.4%) had maxillofacial fractures, with 41 fracture lines while 103 patients (79.2%) had dental injuries and 57 patients (43.8%) had soft-tissue injuries. The distribution and prevalence of oral and maxillofacial injuries were similar for bicyclists and motorcyclists. However, motorcyclists had significantly higher Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) scores for facial injuries and the maximum AIS score than did bicyclists. According to a multiple regression analysis, the number of fracture lines and the requirement for intermaxillary fixation were independent factors influencing long-term hospitalization (standard regression coefficients: 6.795 and 6.715, respectively; P <.001). Conclusions: The number of fracture lines and the use of intermaxillary fixation were independent factors influencing long-term hospitalization of both bicyclists and motorcyclists with oral and maxillofacial injuries.

  • Factors influencing pregnant women’s injuries and fetal loss due to motor vehicle collisions: A national crash data-based study

    Hattori S., Hitosugi M., Moriguchi S., Baba M., Takaso M., Nakamura M., Tsujimura S., Miyata Y.

    Healthcare (Switzerland) (Healthcare (Switzerland))  9 ( 3 )  2021.03

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    To examine the factors that influence substantial injuries for pregnant women and negative fetal outcomes in motor vehicle collisions (MVCs), a retrospective analysis using the National Automotive Sampling System/Crashworthiness Data System was performed in Shiga University of Medical Science. We analyzed data from 736 pregnant women who, between 2001 and 2015, had injuries that were an abbreviated injury scale (AIS) score of one or more. The mean age was 25.9 ± 6.4 years and the mean gestational age was 26.2 ± 8.2 weeks. Additionally, 568 pregnant women had mild injuries and 168 had moderate to severe injuries. Logistic regression analysis revealed that seatbelt use (odds ratio (OR), 0.30), airbag deployment (OR, 2.00), and changes in velocity (21–40 km/h: OR, 3.03; 41–60 km/h: OR, 13.47; ≥61 km/h: OR, 44.56) were identified as independent predictors of having a moderate to severe injury. The positive and negative outcome groups included 231 and 12 pregnant women, respectively. Injury severity in pregnant women was identified as an independent predictor of a negative outcome (OR, 2.79). Avoiding moderate to severe maternal injuries is a high priority for saving the fetus, and education on appropriate seatbelt use and limiting vehicle speed for pregnant women is required.

  • Aging is only significant factor causing CPR-induced injuries and serious injuries

    Moriguchi S., Hamanaka K., Nakamura M., Takaso M., Baba M., Hitosugi M.

    Legal Medicine (Legal Medicine)  48 2021.02

    ISSN  13446223

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    Background: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sometime cause severe injuries and can affect quality of life, lead to long-term disabilities or death of the patient. The aim of this study is to identify the risk factors causing CPR-induced injuries and those of serious injuries. Methods: This was a retrospective forensic autopsy study in a single institution. Among 885 forensic autopsies undertaken between 2011 and 2018, those in which the victim had undergone CPR immediately after cardiac arrest were recorded. ‘Serious injuries’ were defined as an Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) score ≥ 3. CPR-induced injuries were evaluated by three experienced forensic pathologists. With the background and history of the patient, the circumstances of cardiac arrest and risks of causing CPR-induced injuries were determined by multivariate analyses. Results: Seventy-five victims comprised the study cohort. CPR-induced injuries were found in 52 victims (69.3%). Rib fracture was the most common (60.0%), followed by sternal fracture (37.3%), heart injury (21.3%) and liver injury (8.0%). Multivariate analysis revealed higher age to be an independent factor causing CPR-induced injuries (odds ratio [OR], 1.07, P < 0.001). Thirty-six victims had 39 serious injuries in the chest or abdomen: fracture of ≥ 3 ribs (35 cases), aortic dissection (two), lung contusion (one) and rupture of the heart (one). Multivariate analysis revealed higher age to be an independent factor causing CPR-induced serious injuries (OR, 1.09; P < 0.001). Conclusion: Aging was the significant factor causing CPR-induced injuries and serious injuries.

  • 糖尿病による低血糖に起因した自動車事故についての刑事責任


    日本医事新報 5047   28 - 34 2021.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work, Accepted

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  • 健康起因事故における事業者の社会的責任と疾病・健康管理


    日本交通科学学会誌 21 ( 1 ) 3 - 10 2021.06

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal), Joint Work

  • Tightening legal restrictions for drivers with epilepsy in Japan

    Baba M., Hitosugi M.

    Acta Neurologica Scandinavica (Acta Neurologica Scandinavica)  143 ( 6 ) 673 - 674 2021

    ISSN  00016314

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    Epilepsy is a highly prevalent condition around the world, and many countries impose restrictions on drivers with epilepsy. After toughening the law in Japan, the number of refused driving license applications for patients with epilepsy increased markedly. However, the number of collisions caused by drivers with epilepsy did not decrease.

  • 【認知症を取り巻く問題】認知症患者の自動車運転


    日本老年医学会雑誌 53 ( 3 ) 216 - 221 2016.07

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)

  • Health Management for taxi Drivers and Employer Liability 【2】Legal Liability of the Employer


    The Journal of Science of Labour (労働科学研究所)  89 ( 1 ) 18 - 22 2013.02

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)

  • Health Management for taxi Drivers and Employer Liability 【1】Preventing Traffic Accidents Caused by Driver's Poor Physical Condition


    The Journal of Science of Labour (労働科学研究所)  89 ( 1 ) 12 - 17 2013.02

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)

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  • 誤嚥事故の裁判例からみた予防対策


    第44回バイオレオロジー学会 (web) , 2021.07, Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others, バイオレオロジー学会

  • 高齢運転者の事故における責任と予防対策について


    第15回交通科学シンポジウム, 2021.03, Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (nomination)

  • Common Disease/Symptomに起因した健康起因事故の法的責任と予防策について-


    第56回日本交通科学学会総会・学術講演会, 2020.11, Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (nomination)

  • 疾病管理に係る事業者の社会的責任


    第56回日本交通科学学会総会・学術講演会, 2020.11, Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (nomination)

  • 健康起因事故の医学と法律


    第23回日本臨床脳神経外科学会, 2020.11, Oral Presentation(guest/special), 日本臨床脳神経外科学会

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  • 優秀論文賞

    2016.06, 日本交通科学学会, タクシー運転者の健康管理と体調変化に関する意識調査

    Type of Award: Awards of National Conference, Council and Symposium

  • 感謝状

    2007.10, Metropolitan Police Department

    Type of Award: Other Awards

  • 感謝状

    2007.02, Metropolitan Police Department

    Type of Award: Other Awards


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  • 法医学CGプロジェクトセンター


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  • 2020

    倫理委員会委員, 日本交通科学学会

  • 2015.06

    理事, 日本交通科学学会

  • 2013

    倫理委員会 外部委員, 日本医学英語教育学会

  • 2010

    受託研究審査委員会 外部委員, 国立研究開発法人国立国際医療研究センター 国府台病院

  • 2008.07

    理事, 法医学CGプロジェクトセンター