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  • 2007.04


  • 2011.04

    慶應義塾大学, 法学部, 専任講師

  • 2013.04

    慶應義塾大学, 法学部, 准教授

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  • 2006.03

    The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies

    Graduate School, Completed, Doctoral course

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  • Ph.D., The University of Tokyo, Coursework, 2006.03

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  • Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, Nivel Superior, 2008.08


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  • History of thought (History of Thought)

  • European literature (European Language Literature)


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  • Cruces y Áncoras: La Influencia de Japón y España en un Siglo de Oro Global

    Yoshimi Orii y María Jesús Zamora Calvo (eds.), Abada Editores, 2020.09

  • ひですの経

    ORII Yoshimi, 教文館, 2011.11

    Scope: 244

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  • Hidesu no kyō : Hābādo daigaku Hōton toshokan shozō

    ORII, Yoshimi: SHIRAI, Jun: TOYOSHIMA, Masayuki, Tōkyō : Yagi Shoten, 2011.11

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    Part 1 (p. [1-212]) is a full-color reproduction of the copy of Symbolo da Fee (Typ 684.11.435) in Houghton Library. Part 2 (p. 1-118) consists of a transliteration of the reproduction. Part 3 (p. 119-158) consists of bibliographical studies. Part 4 (p. i-xvi) consists of an English foreword and Japanese and English introduction.

  • キリシタン文学における日欧文化比較-ルイス・デ・グラナダと日本

    ORII Yoshimi, 教文館, 2010.12

    Scope: 322

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Papers 【 Display / hide

  • "Miracle" and Accommodation: The Formation of the Concept of "Reason" by Jesuit Missionaries in Japan

    折井 善果

    齋藤晃編『宣教と適応』 (名古屋大学出版会)     132 - 161 2020

  • The Limits of a Confrontational Approach: Fabian Fukansai’s Critiques of Neo-Confucianism and Christianity

    ORII, Yoshimi

    Frontiers of Philosophy in China 14 ( 2 ) 181 - 200 2019

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work, Accepted

  • 宣教と‟賢慮”:A・ヴァリニャーノの‟適応”主義のヨーロッパ的源泉

    ORII Yoshimi

    The Journal of the Japan Missiological Society (The Japan Missionological Society)  12   60 - 81 2018.08

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work,  ISSN  18820328

  • The Dispersion of Jesuit Books Printed in Japan: Trends in Bibliographical Research and in Intellectual History

    ORII Yoshimi

    Journal of Jesuit Studies (Brill)  2 ( 2 ) 190 - 208 2015.04

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work, Accepted

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    This article introduces the recent bibliographical research on Kirishitan-ban, a series of books published by the Jesuit mission press in Japan in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Afterwards, the books were dispersed through political turmoil; some are still to be found scattered across the world. In addition, the study presents a textual comparison of some Kirishitan-ban with their European originals, in order to examine the compilation and translation policies of the Jesuits in Japan. Authors or editors sometimes manipulated or revised important sections, for instance omitting a statement on predestination or adding a discourse on the immortality of the soul,illustrating the Jesuits’ strategy of balancing the Japanese and the European-Catholic intellectual climates of their time. Analyzing both the books and their contents will contribute to the study of the globalization of Jesuit intellectual history and library research.

  • キリシタン版の研究からわかること ― 和書と洋書のあいだ

    ORII Yoshimi

    徳永聡子 編著『出版文化史の東西 ―原本を読む楽しみ 』 (慶應義塾大学出版会)     95 - 126 2015.04

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Presentations 【 Display / hide

  • La imprenta jesuítica en Japón de los Siglos XVI y XVII: tendencias recientes en la investigación bibliográfica y en la historia intelectual

    Yoshmi Orii

    Jornada Internacional: Portugal y Oriente (Sala de Juntas del Palacio de Anaya, Universidad de Salamanca) , 2019.12, Oral Presentation(guest/special), Área de Filología Gallega y Portuguesa, Departamento de Filología Moderna GIR en Estudios Portugueses y Brasileños Cátedra de Estudos Portugueses de la Universidad de Salamanca

  • El impacto del argumento teleológico ciceroniano en el discurso pro- y anti- cristiandad en el Japón pre-moderno

    Yoshimi Orii

    Contactes entre les tradicions literàries grecollatines i orientals (Universitat de València) , 2019.10, Oral Presentation(general), Grup d’Investigació en la Recepció de les Literatures Clàssiques (GIRLC) Universitat de València

  • Accommodation of Jesuit devotional literature in 16-17th century Japan: The case of Gaspar Loarte’s Instruction and advice for meditating on the Passion of Christ (1570)

    Yoshimi Orii

    "中国与日本之间的西学” 国际学术会议: International Conference of the Western learning between China and Japan (Sun Yat-sen University) , 2019.03, Oral Presentation(general), The Department of Philosophy, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou

  • Western Learning through Book Production in Early Modern Japan in the 16th - 17th centuries: 十六——十七世纪前近代日本图书中的西学

    Yoshimi Orii

    (中山大学锡昌堂) , 2018.12, Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others, 广州与中外文化交流研究中心, 中山大学西学东渐文献馆

  • Creationism vs. Yin-Yang Dualism: A critique of Neo-Confucianism in Christian apologetic literature in Japan during the 16th-17th centuries

    ORII Yoshimi

    “儒学与欧洲文明:明清时期西学与宋明理学的相遇” 国际学术会议 International Conference on Confucianism and European Civilization: The Encounter between Western Studies and Neo-Confucianism in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Sep. 14th-17th, 2018, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China. (Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.) , 2018.09, Oral Presentation(general), Center for Guangzhou and Cultural Exchange, Sun Yat-sen University; Archive for Introduction of Western Thoughts, Sun Yat-sen University; Academy of Comparative Civilizations and Intercultural Communication, Beijing Foreign Studies University

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Research Projects of Competitive Funds, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • 蓋然説と宣教:在スペイン史料調査を踏まえたカトリック日本宣教の思想史的意義


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 折井 善果, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Principal Investigator

  • キリシタン時代におけるルネサンス人文主義の影響についての実証的・基礎的研究(国際共同研究強化)


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 折井 善果, Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research ), Principal Investigator

  • An Empirical and Fundamental Study on the Influence of Renaissance Humanism in the Kirishitan Era


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 折井 善果, Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), Principal Investigator

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    This study traced the historical flow from the original European text to the books printed by the Jesuit mission press in Japan and their written manuscripts by Japanese believers, and analyzed some changes between texts due to some materials being sifted out or added. It showed that Renaissance humanism as a rhetorical tradition of the Jesuit missionaries in Japan has been passed down to later years. I examined the way people chose necessary religious components and discarded others when Christianity came to Japan in the early modern era; the Christian church was in a chaotic situation at the time. Specifically, I (1) translated and analyzed materials that have not been translated or reprinted and (2) traced the overseas movement of the Jesuit mission printings, which has not been comprehensively studied for more than half a century.


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  • Asociación Japonesa de Hispanistas

  • The Society of Historical Studies of Christianity

  • The Japanese Society of Medieval Philosophy

  • キリシタン文化研究会

  • The Renaissance Society of America