池谷 のぞみ (イケヤ ノゾミ)

Ikeya, Nozomi



文学部 人文社会学科(図書館・情報系) (三田)





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  • 文学部, 人文社会学科 図書館・情報系, 教授

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  • 1997年04月


  • 2000年04月


  • 2005年04月

    Palo Alto Research Center(パロアルト研究所)Computing Science Laboratory, 上席研究員

  • 2011年04月


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  • 1990年03月

    慶應義塾大学, 文学研究科, 図書館情報学

    大学院, 修了, 修士

  • 1997年03月

    慶應義塾大学, 文学研究科, 図書館情報学

    大学院, 単位取得退学, 博士

  • 1997年06月

    マンチェスター大学, 社会科学研究科博士課程, 社会学

    グレートブリテン・北アイルランド連合王国(英国), 大学院, 修了, 博士

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  • 文学修士, 慶應義塾大学, 課程, 1990年03月

  • 社会学博士, マンチェスター大学, 課程, 1997年06月

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  • 専門社会調査士


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  • 人文・社会 / 社会学

  • 人文・社会 / 図書館情報学、人文社会情報学 (情報図書館学・人文社会情報学)

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  • エスノグラフィ

  • エスノメソドロジー

  • ワークプレイス・スタディーズ

  • 医療社会学

  • 情報サービス

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  • 医療・保健医療分野における人的サービスのエスノメソドロジー的研究, 


  • 公共図書館におけるビジネス支援サービス, 



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  • Social distribution of knowledge in action: The practical management of classification

    Ikeya N., Sharrock W., Relevance and Irrelevance: Theories, Factors and Challenges, 2018年09月


    In this paper we attempt to revisit the concept of social distribution of knowledge Alfred Schutz once put forward to be the central concept in sociology of knowledge, operationalising this in the context of practical action. In doing so, we examine how the notion of relevance is deployed as the members' practical concern in the context of librarianship. Thus, this is an attempt to look into activities where members not only operate under auspices of organised stocks of knowledge, but also modify the organisation of those stocks of knowledge as needed in their attempts to accomplish their work. Examination of librarians making books available to users through classification in a university library in the U.K. revealed that their activities involve their management of professional and organisational corpuses of knowledge, in this case, through the medium of classification schemes. Librarians in the university studied were using the "local version" of the DDC (the Dewey Decimal Classification), and were adapting it to the needs of the library service as they saw them. The notion of "relevance" extensively informs their work, two dimensions of relevance being prominent. The librarians understand their work to be responsive to the varying and changing requirements of users, their decisions being shaped to provide what they construe as "what readers want". The other significant relevance we considered is that of aligning the library's classification with the relational features of academic and scientific fields as embedded in documented "subject matters". Thus, relating the stocks of library materials to the current shape of the professional corpus in domains of knowledge so that it stays relevant to collectivity members seems to be central to the community, and what the relevance consists of may vary depending on the community.

  • Relevance and Irrelevance: Theories, Factors and Challenges

    De Gruyter, 2018年09月

    担当範囲: Social Distribution Of Knowledge In Action: The Practical Management Of Classification.,  担当ページ: 161–186

  • A fitting solution

    Kashimura K., Kawasaki T., Ikeya N., Randall D., Socio-Informatics: A Practice-Based Perspective on the Design and Use of IT Artifacts, 2018年04月

  • Socio-Informatics: A Practice-Based Perspective on the Design and user of IT Artifacts.

    Oxford University Press, 2018年03月,  ページ数: 445-458

    担当範囲: 445-458; Fitting Solution

  • ワークプレース・スタディーズ:はたらくことのエスノメソドロジー

    酒井信一郎, 池谷 のぞみ, 粟村倫久, ハーベスト社, 2017年

    担当範囲: 121-138; ワークとしての情報行動:ミーティングにおける情報の実践的マネジメント

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  • 現象学にインスピレーションを受けたエスノメソドロジーの方向性:三人称現象学を中心に


    現象学と社会科学  ( 4 ) 25 - 42 2021年08月

    研究論文(学術雑誌), 単著,  ISSN  2434-1231

  • Hybridity of hybrid studies of work: Examination of informing practitioners in practice

    Nozomi Ikeya

    Ethnographic Studies  ( 17 ) 22 - 40 2020年09月

    研究論文(学術雑誌), 単著, 査読有り


    The achievement of topical relevance to the parties of the research is a common aim in qualitative approaches in the social sciences, and ethnomethodology is no exception. Har- old Garfinkel sought to realise this aim by introducing the notion of hybridity, with which he attempted to merge the topic of ethnomethodological studies with the investigative topic treated by members in the field. While he is known to have set a high standard for researchers, particularly in terms of the unique adequacy requirement, there are cases of hybridisation of studies that provided practical value to the practitioners, indicating that they were of topical relevance to them. Thus, while ethnomethodological principles have been mostly discussed in methodological arguments for producing adequate descriptions, this paper explores the principles in the context of hybridisation of studies in practice. First, the paper examines Garfinkel’s arguments on hybrid studies of work as a radical restatement of principles of ethnomethodological studies; second, it examines a case of hybridisation of a hybrid study of emergency control to show the distinctiveness of his solution to the issue of topical relevance to the parties. The examination demonstrates how hybridisation of studies with the specific audience/reader’s corpus of knowledge is carried out within the constraints of the study, within which the presentation is embedded. It also demonstrates how the hybridity of hybrid studies achieved through collaboration between ethnomethodology and emergency control is treated as the basis of its hybridisation with management, including both demonstrations of descriptions of work and suggestions made by the researcher. These demonstrations will reveal how policies of ethnomethodo- logical studies are critical to the hybridisation of hybrid studies.

  • Better supporting workers in ML workplaces

    Clarke M.F., Gonzales J., Randall D., Ludwig T., Harper R., Ikeya N.

    Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW (Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW)     443 - 448 2019年11月

    ISSN  9781450366922


    © 2019 Association for Computing Machinery. All rights reserved. This workshop is aimed at bringing together a multidisciplinary group to discuss Machine Learning and its application in the workplace as a practical, everyday work matter. It's our hope this is a step toward helping us design better technology and user experiences to support the accomplishment of that work, while paying attention to workplace context. Despite advancement and investment in Machine Learning (ML) business applications, understanding workers in these work contexts have received little attention. As this category experiences dramatic growth, it's important to better understand the role that workers play, both individually and collaboratively, in a workplace where the output of prediction and machine learning is becoming pervasive. There is a closing window of opportunity to investigate this topic as it proceeds toward ubiquity. CSCW and HCI offer concepts, tools and methodologies to better understand and build for this future.

  • A reading of Sacks' Lawyer's Work as an invitation to ethnomethodological studies of work

    Ikeya, Nozomi

    Ethnographic Studies  ( 16 ) 167 - 180 2019年10月

    研究論文(学術雑誌), 単著, 査読有り

  • 社会課題とエスノメソドロジー研究との関わり : 救急医療におけるワークの研究を中心に


    年報社会学論集  ( 32 ) 12 - 22 2019年

    研究論文(学術雑誌), 単著,  ISSN  0919-4363


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  • 公にされた知識への案内:協働的編集活動から見たウィキペディア


    書物と知の組織化(2019年度極東証券寄附講座 文献学の世界) (慶應義塾大学文学部)   2020年03月

    記事・総説・解説・論説等(大学・研究所紀要), 単著

  • 国内の公共図書館における健康医療情報サービスの最近の動向

    池谷 のぞみ

    カレントアウェアネス (国立国会図書館)   ( 337 ) 20 - 26 2018年09月

    記事・総説・解説・論説等(その他), 単著,  ISSN  1348-7469

  • 患者支援機能から見た患者図書室の多様性

    桂 まに子須賀 千絵池谷 のぞみ 田村 俊作三輪 眞木子八巻 知香子松本 直樹

    日本図書館情報学会春季研究集会発表論文集 (日本図書館情報学会)     43 - 46 2018年

    研究発表ペーパー・要旨(全国大会,その他学術会議), 共著

  • 公立図書館における医学薬学分野の選書分析

    松本直樹#H#H池谷 のぞみ#H桂まに子#H

    日本図書館情報学会春季研究集会発表論文集 (日本図書館情報学会)     9 - 12 2017年06月

    研究発表ペーパー・要旨(全国大会,その他学術会議), 共著


    公立図書館において課題解決支援サービスの一環として医療健康情報サービスが 実施されるようになっている。医療健康情報サービスでは,さまざまなサービスが 提供されているが,コレクション構築,特に図書の収集提供は基本的なサービスの 一つである。本研究では,全国の公立図書館における医学薬学分野に関する図書の 選書に影響を与える要因を調査した。その結果,市区町村立図書館は利用の多い図書を選定する傾向にある一方,専門的な図書はあまり購入しない傾向が見られた。

  • 共同作業としての公共図書館レファレンスサービス

    田村 俊作, 池谷 のぞみ

    日本図書館情報学会春季研究集会発表論文集 (日本図書館情報学会)     17 - 20 2017年

    研究発表ペーパー・要旨(全国大会,その他学術会議), 共著


    独立したレファレンス担当係を持つ公共図書館においてフィールドワークを行い,レファレンスサービスが係を中心に図書館職員によって共同的に達成されていること, レファレンス担当係員は,係長・主任を中心に,調整によりレファレンス業務に継続 性と整合性を持たせる役割を担っていることを明らかにした。

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  • 「時間と空間を超える 秩序」の実践的マネジメント


    2021年度学術大会 ミニシンポジウム Parsons社会学の再発見 (Web開催) , 


    シンポジウム・ワークショップ パネル(指名), 日本法社会学会

  • 現象学にインスピレーションを受けたエスノメソドロジーの方向性:三人称の現象学をとおして見えること


    シンポジウム「現象学とエスノメソドロジーの現在」 (大阪大学(オンライン)) , 


    シンポジウム・ワークショップ パネル(指名), 日本現象学・社会科学会

  • Flight nurse’s practical management of prehospital care

    Shintaro Matsunaga, Nozomi Ikeya, Tatsuya Akutsu, Seiichi Takahashi, Morikatsu Tsuchiya, Takayuki Sakagami

    International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversational Analysis (IIEMCA2019) (University of Mannheim, Germany) , 




    In air medical services, prehospital care is provided within a short period of time by the air medical team, which consists of a small number of people, i.e., a doctor and a nurse who fly to the site and a few ambulance crews who drive to the site. Under circumstances that are different from hospitals and with limited resources and expertise, the flight nurse is normally expected to take the initiative to manage the entire process of providing care to the patient eventually transported to a hospital, which involves decision-making coordinated mainly with the doctor and ambulance crews. While a number of studies have attempted to identify what is required of a flight nurse to effectively work on site, the approaches taken in those studies mostly rely on interview methods and questionnaire (Stohler 1998; Pugh et al. 2002) rather than examining actual practices.

    In this paper, we examine the actual practices of the flight nurse who works as part of the air medical team by examining video data of prehospital care provided as part of air medical services in Japan (the so-called “Doctor-Helicopter”). In the data, the flight nurse’s view via a small portable camera in the breast pocket is available. We also conducted interviews with flight nurses to analyze the data.

    As a result, we found that the concept of “projection” developed in the study of ordinary conversation seems to be relevant for characterizing the flight nurse’s work (Sacks et al. 1974; Streeck 1995). The nurse attempts to provide other team members with projectability of the situation at each stage by providing a candidate item that needs consideration or a candidate task which needs to be carried out. This allows individual team members to see what to do next, and how to coordinate with each other in actually deciding what to do, and how to do the task. Thus, we will demonstrate that the nurse’s taking the initiative to effectively coordinate activities with other members can be described in terms of making the situation projectable in the course of providing care to the patient.

  • Revisiting the EMCA way of studying organizational culture and practices

    Ikeya, Nozomi

    International Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversational Analysis (IIEMCA 2019) (University of Mannheim, Germany) , 


    シンポジウム・ワークショップ パネル(公募)


    EMCA studies conducted in organizational settings have sought to provide for how members conduct their work under the auspices of ‘organizationally located corpuses’ (Sudnow 1965; Zimmerman 1969; Sacks 1997). Organizationally located corpuses include both systematized as well as unsystematized bodies of information, understandings, organizationally certified knowledges and their associated practices of use. While conducted under their auspices, activities are not carried out solely with regards to these organizationally located corpuses. Rather, these occasioned corpuses (Zimmerman and Pollner 1970) – available to participants in particular situations and assembled in and through the courses of activities which characterize them – are mutually constituted as specific both to their “here and now” but also to what is known to the participants before they enter any particular working situation. The latter may include corpuses not necessarily located in, provided for or produced as part of the specific organizational setting, e.g., knowledge of how to proceed with a conversation or send an email, but made relevant to it.

    By looking at how members proceed with their work in this way, EMCA studies can be regarded as providing descriptions of organizational cultures and their constitutive practices. This position is not always understood. For instance, EMCA studies have been cast as overly preoccupied with contingency and with defending a ‘libertarian’, ‘anything goes’ view of cultural structures (Alexander et al 2012). However, EMCA studies should be understood as attempts to show how ‘structures’ are exhibited in particular working situations and how they are interwoven with the ways in which members organize their own activities. In other words, EMCA studies can be regarded as examinations of “structures” in action, rather than “structures” on their own. This orientation makes it possible to show how “structures” are reproducibly related to particular actions. Further, by closely looking into how order is organized in and as part of activities, the studies allow readers to learn what and how “cultural colleagues” (Garfinkel 1967: 11) find “structures” in and as part of particular settings.

  • 公共図書館に向けた「がん情報ギフト」の効果と課題

    須賀千絵, 池谷のぞみ, 桂まに子, 田村俊作, 松本直樹, 三輪眞木子, 八巻知香子

    日本図書館情報学会研究大会 (琉球大学) , 


    口頭発表(一般), 日本図書館情報学会


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  • 多職種協働活動のなかの知識と能力の解明:ドクターヘリでの活動を中心に


    日本救急医療財団研究助成金, 池谷のぞみ、高橋誠一, 中澤弘子, 安齋勝人, 土屋守克, 坂上貴之, 松永伸太朗, 阿久津達矢, 補助金,  研究代表者

  • 市民に向けた健康医療情報提供のための組織を超えた協働のデザイン:選書を中心として


    慶應義塾, 慶應義塾大学学事振興資金, 池谷のぞみ, 補助金,  研究代表者

  • エスノグラフィ知見活用の高度化


    株式会社日立製作所, 池谷のぞみ, 共同研究契約,  研究代表者

  • エスノグラフィ効率向上


    株式会社日立製作所, 池谷のぞみ, 共同研究契約,  研究代表者

  • 市民の健康支援のための価値互酬型サービスを支える知識共同体の構築


    日本学術振興会, 科学研究費補助金(文部科学省・日本学術振興会), 池谷のぞみ、高山 智子, 松本 直樹, 田村 俊作, 須賀 千絵, 基盤研究(B), 補助金,  研究代表者



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受賞 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 三田図書館・情報学会賞

    池谷のぞみ, 1991年, 三田図書館・情報学会, 「レファレンス・ライブラリアンが用いる知識と判断の枠組み:質問応答プロセスにおける適切性の判断を中心に」

    受賞区分: 国内学会・会議・シンポジウム等の賞


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  • 情報メディア特殊研究Ⅵ


  • 情報メディア特殊研究Ⅴ


  • 情報メディア特殊研究Ⅳ


  • 情報メディア特殊研究Ⅲ


  • 情報メディア特殊講義Ⅳ


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  • Library of the Year 2019

    IRI知的資源イニシアティブ, Library of the Year 2019 (図書館総合展のフォーラム パシフィコ横浜)



    「Library of the Year」(LoY)は、これからの図書館のあり方を示唆するような先進的な活動を行っている機関に対して、NPO法人 知的資源イニシアティブ(IRI)が毎年授与する賞で、図書館総合展のフォーラムとして開催されている。

  • 東京医科大学病院 監査委員会 委員

  • 北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 教育連携客員教授

  • 救急医療学会 臨床研究倫理・審査委員会 委員

  • 東京医科大学病院  外部提案者委員会 委員


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  • 2020年10月

    編集委員, Ethnographic Studies



  • 2019年05月

    Program Committee member for ISIC 2020, The Information Behavior Conference (ISIC)

  • 2019年05月

    Program Committee member for CSCW2019, The Computer Support Cooperative Work (CSCW)

  • 2018年05月

    Program Committee member for CSCW2018, The Computer Support Cooperative Work (CSCW)

  • 2017年09月

    Program Committee member for ISIC 2018, The Information Behavior Conference (ISIC)

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