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    慶應義塾大学, システムデザイン・マネジメント研究科

    Graduate School, Completed

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  • システムデザイン・マネジメント学, 慶應義塾大学大学院システムデザイン・マネジメント研究科


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  • Design of a Localized Science Education Program for Cultivating an Intergenerational Community

    IIZAWA Kinuko, Kusano Koki, Inoue, Eri, Kohtake Naohiko

    Serviceology for Smart Service System (Springer)     65 - 70 2017.10

    Research paper (international conference proceedings)

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    This paper describes a novel science education program called “localized science education program” that covers topics of a local area, such as its natural wonders, and involves community residents to cultivate an intergenerational community. The science education program has three features: (1) the ability to learn collaboratively is fostered, (2) the programs and educational materials are prepared in the target local area, and (3) the children and adults of the community experience the programs together. An application example of this was implemented in the target local area for 1 year. It is considered that its efficacy for cultivating an intergenerational community.

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