秋好 健志 (アキヨシ タケシ)

Akiyoshi, Takeshi



薬学部 薬学科 , 薬学部_臨床薬学講座 (芝共立)





医学部_東京都新宿区信濃町35 総合医科学研究棟 4 階 4S7教室, 薬学部_東京都港区芝公園1-5-30

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  • 博士(薬学), 福岡大学, 論文, 2008年03月

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  • 薬剤師, 2001年05月


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  • ライフサイエンス / 医療薬学 (臨床薬物動態学)

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  • 遺伝的変異・エピジェネティクス

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  • Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics/Drug interaction, Polymorphism/Epigenetics, 



    (1) 薬物代謝酵素やトランスポータの発現や機能に対する遺伝的影響因子と後天的制御因子に関する検討
    薬物の吸収や消失に寄与する様々な生体機能蛋白は当該遺伝子の多型など先天的制御によってその発現量や機能の変化が引き起こされます。一方で、それら生体機能蛋白は、様々な環境下(疾患や薬剤暴露など)において post transcriptionalな発現制御や、発現後の安定性の制御を受けています。これらの先天的または後天的制御因子が、薬物動態学的パラメータに与える影響について、遺伝子多型や、microRNA によるmRNA の分解や転写抑制などを中心に研究を進め、それらを介した体内動態変動について評価しています。


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  • MRテキスト2018, 医薬品情報.

    大谷壽一(編), 大谷壽一, 秋好健志., 南山堂, 東京, 2018年01月

    担当範囲: 16-38

  • MRテキストI, 医薬品情報2012. 2015改訂

    大谷壽一, 岡淳一郎, 折井孝男(編), 大谷壽一, 秋好健志, 他執筆., 南山堂, 東京, 2015年

    担当範囲: 80-109

  • MRテキストI, 医薬品情報2012.

    大谷壽一, 岡淳一郎, 折井孝男(編), 大谷壽一, 秋好健志, 他執筆., 南山堂, 東京, 2012年01月

    担当範囲: 80-129

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  • The Effects of N-Glycosylation on the Expression and Transport Activity of OATP1A2 and OATP2B1.

    Kataoka H, Akiyoshi T, Uchida Y, Imaoka A, Terasaki T, Ohtani H

    Journal of pharmaceutical sciences (Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences)  113 ( 5 ) 1376 - 1384 2024年03月

    ISSN  0022-3549


    Organic anion transporting polypeptide (OATP)1A2 and OATP2B1 have potential N-glycosylation sites, but their influence remains unclear. This study aimed to identify the N-glycosylation sites of OATP1A2/2B1 and investigate their impact on the expression and function of OATP1A2/2B1. Human embryonic kidney cells expressing OATP1A2 or OATP2B1 (HEK293-OATP1A2/2B1) were exposed to tunicamycin, an N-glycosylation inhibitor, and a plasma membrane fraction (PMF) Western blot assay and an estrone 3-sulfate (E3S) uptake study were conducted. HEK293-OATP1A2/OATP2B1 cell lines with mutation(s) at potential N-glycosylation sites were established, and the Western blotting and uptake study were repeated. Tunicamycin reduced the PMF levels and E3S uptake of OATP1A2/OATP2B1. The Asn124Gln, Asn135Gln, and Asn492Gln mutations in OATP1A2 and Asn176Gln and Asn538Gln mutations in OATP2B1 reduced the molecular weights of the OATP molecules and their PMF levels. The PMF levels of OATP1A2 Asn124/135Gln, OATP1A2 Asn124/135/492Gln, and OATP2B1 Asn176/538Gln were further reduced. The maximum transport velocities of OATP1A2 Asn124Gln, OATP1A2 Asn135Gln, and OATP2B1 Asn176/538Gln were markedly reduced to 10 %, 4 %, and 10 % of the wild-type level, respectively. In conclusion, the N-glycans at Asn124 and Asn135 of OATP1A2 and those at Asn176 and Asn538 of OATP2B1 are essential for the plasma membrane expression of these molecules and also affect their transport function.

  • Determination of single-molecule transport activity of OATP2B1 by measuring the number of transporter molecules using electrophysiological approach

    Yajima K., Akiyoshi T., Sakamoto K., Suzuki Y., Oka T., Imaoka A., Yamamura H., Kurokawa J., Ohtani H.

    Journal of Pharmacological Sciences (Journal of Pharmacological Sciences)  153 ( 3 ) 153 - 160 2023年11月

    ISSN  13478613


    Transporter-mediated clearance is determined by two factors, its single-molecule clearance, and expression level. However, no reliable method has been developed to evaluate them separately. This study aimed to develop a reliable method for evaluating the single-molecule activity of membrane transporters, such as organic anion transporting polypeptide (OATP) 2B1. HEK293 cells that co-expressed large conductance calcium-activated potassium (BK) channel and OATP2B1 were established and used for the following experiments. i) BK channel-mediated whole-cell conductance was measured using patch-clamp technique and divided by its unitary conductance to estimate the number of channels on plasma membrane (QI). ii) Using plasma membrane fraction, quantitative targeted absolute proteomics determined the stoichiometric ratio (ρ) of OATP2B1 to BK channel. iii) The uptake of estrone 3-sulfate was evaluated to calculate the Michaelis constant and uptake clearance (CL) per cell. Single-molecule clearance (CLint) was calculated by dividing CL by QI·ρ. QI and ρ values were estimated to be 916 and 2.16, respectively, yielding CLint of 5.23 fL/min/molecule. We successfully developed a novel method to reliably measure the single-molecule activity of a transporter, which could be used to evaluate the influences of factors such as genetic variations and post-translational modifications on the intrinsic activity of transporters.

  • The influence of temperature on the metabolic activity of CYP2C9, CYP2C19, and CYP3A4 genetic variants in vitro.

    Kojima M, Machida K, Cho S, Watanabe D, Seki H, Shimoji M, Imaoka A, Yamazaki H, Guengerich FP, Nakamura K, Yamamoto K, Akiyoshi T, Ohtani H

    Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems (Xenobiotica)  53 ( 5 ) 1 - 9 2023年08月

    ISSN  0049-8254


    1. Temperature is considered to affect the activity of drug-metabolizing enzymes; however, no previous studies have compared temperature dependency among cytochrome P450 genetic variants. This study aimed to analyse warfarin 7-hydroxylation by CYP2C9 variants; omeprazole 5-hydroxylation by CYP2C19 variants; and midazolam 1-hydroxylation by CYP3A4 variants at 34 °C, 37 °C, and 40 °C. 2. Compared with that seen at 37 °C, the intrinsic clearance rates (V max/K m) of CYP2C9.1 and.2 were decreased (76 ∼ 82%), while that of CYP2C9.3 was unchanged at 34 °C. At 40 °C, CYP2C9.1,.2, and.3 exhibited increased (121%), unchanged and decreased (87%) intrinsic clearance rates, respectively. At 34 °C, the clearance rates of CYP2C19.1A and.10 were decreased (71 ∼ 86%), that of CYP2C19.1B was unchanged, and those of CYP2C19.8 and.23 were increased (130 ∼ 134%). At 40 °C, the clearance rates of CYP2C19.1A,.1B,.10, and.23 remained unaffected, while that of CYP2C19.8 was decreased (74%). At 34 °C, the clearance rates of CYP3A4.1 and.16 were decreased (79 ∼ 84%), those of CYP3A4.2 and.7 were unchanged, and that of CYP3A4.18 was slightly increased (112%). At 40 °C, the clearance rate of CYP3A4.1 remained unaffected, while those of CYP3A4.2,.7,.16, and.18 were decreased (58 ∼ 82%). 3. These findings may be clinically useful for dose optimisation in patients with hypothermia or hyperthermia.

  • Irinotecan-induced gastrointestinal damage alters the expression of peptide transporter 1 and absorption of cephalexin in rats.

    Imaoka A, Hattori T, Akiyoshi T, Ohtani H

    Biopharmaceutics & drug disposition (Biopharmaceutics and Drug Disposition)  44 ( 5 ) 372 - 379 2023年07月

    ISSN  0142-2782


    Irinotecan causes severe gastrointestinal damage, which may affect the expression of intestinal transporters. However, neither the expression of peptide transporter 1 (Pept1) nor the pharmacokinetics of Pept1 substrate drugs has been investigated under irinotecan-induced gastrointestinal damage. Therefore, the present study quantitatively investigated the effects of irinotecan-induced gastrointestinal damage on the intestinal expression of Pept1 and absorption of cephalexin (CEX), a typical Pept1 substrate, in rats. Irinotecan was administered intravenously to rats for 4 days to induce gastrointestinal damage. The expression of Pept1 mRNA and the Pept1 protein in the upper, middle, and lower segments of the small intestine of irinotecan-treated rats was assessed by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and western blotting, respectively. The pharmacokinetic profile of CEX was examined after its oral or intravenous administration (10 mg/kg). In irinotecan-treated rats, ∼2-fold increases in Pept1 protein levels were observed in all three segments, whereas mRNA levels remained unchanged. The oral bioavailability of CEX significantly decreased to 76% of that in control rats. The decrease in passive diffusion caused by intestinal damage may have overcome the increase in Pept1-mediated uptake. In conclusion, irinotecan may decrease the intestinal absorption of Pept1 substrate drugs; however, it increased the expression of intestinal Pept1.

  • The Effects of Jabara Juice on the Intestinal Permeation of Fexofenadine.

    Han H, Akiyoshi T, Morita T, Tsuchitani T, Nabeta M, Yajima K, Imaoka A, Ohtani H

    Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin (Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin)  46 ( 12 ) 1745 - 1752 2023年

    ISSN  0918-6158


    Jabara juice and its component narirutin inhibit the activity of organic anion-transporting polypeptides (OATPs) 1A2 and OATP2B1, which are considered to play significant roles in the intestinal absorption of fexofenadine. In this study, we investigated the effects of jabara juice on the intestinal absorption of fexofenadine in mice and the inhibitory effects of jabara juice and narirutin on the permeation of fexofenadine using Caco-2 cell monolayers and LLC-GA5-COL300 cell monolayers. In the in vivo study, the area under the plasma concentration–time curve (AUC) of fexofenadine in mice was increased 1.8-fold by jabara juice. In the permeation study, 5% jabara juice significantly decreased the efflux ratio (ER) of fexofenadine for Caco-2 monolayers. Furthermore, the ERs of fexofenadine and digoxin, which is a typical substrate of P-glycoprotein (P-gp), for LLC-GA5-COL300 cell monolayers were decreased in a concentration-dependent manner by jabara juice extract, suggesting that jabara juice may increase the intestinal absorption of fexofenadine by inhibiting P-gp, rather than by narirutin inhibiting OATPs. The present study showed that jabara juice increases the intestinal absorption of fexofenadine both in vivo and in vitro. The intestinal absorption of fexofenadine may be altered by the co-administration of jabara juice in the clinical setting.

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  • Epstein-Barr-Virus 感染癌細胞における microRNA を介した癌転移機構の解明

    秋好 健志

    Annual Report of YOKOYAMA Foundation for Clinical Pharmacy 25   58 - 60 2017年

    記事・総説・解説・論説等(商業誌、新聞、ウェブメディア), 単著

  • P450を介した薬物相互作用に個人差をもたらす遺伝的要因の定量的解明と予測

    秋好 健志 大谷壽一 今岡鮎子

    臨床薬理の進歩 (臨床薬理研究振興財団)     128 - 129 2016年


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  • トランスポーター1分子あたりの輸送活性を測る

    1) 秋好健志

    第18回トランスポーター研究会 (静岡) , 


    シンポジウム・ワークショップ パネル(指名)

  • ジャバラ果汁と Fexofenadine との薬物相互作用に関する in vivo & in vitro 解析

    韓弘燁, 秋好健志, 森田時生, 土谷聡耀, 邉田桃子, 矢島広大, 今岡鮎子, 大谷壽一.

    第 6 回フレッシャーズカンファランス (京都) , 


    口頭発表(一般), 一般社団法人日本医療薬学会

  • 柑橘系果物に含有される CYPs 阻害成分の含量とその果実間差の網羅的定量解析

    諏訪円佳, 今岡鮎子, 秋好健志, 大谷壽一.

    第 6 回フレッシャーズカンファランス (京都) , 


    ポスター発表, 一般社団法人日本医療薬学会

  • ラット肝・腎・小腸組織におけるトランスポーター発現量解析とイリノテカン曝露の影響.

    邉田桃子, 土谷聡耀, 矢島広大, 秋好健志, 今岡鮎子, 大谷壽一.

    日本薬学会第143年会 (札幌) , 


    口頭発表(一般), 日本薬学会

  • Ultrafine bubble が Caco-2 細胞単層膜における薬物の受動拡散に及ぼす影響.

    古原里奈, 下坂沙貴子, 今岡鮎子, 田中英行, 藤岡沙都子, 秋好健志, 寺坂宏一, 大谷壽一.

    日本薬学会第143年会 (札幌) , 


    ポスター発表, 日本薬学会

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  • フェキソフェナジンとの相互作用を引き起こす柑橘果汁中阻害成分の網羅的定量解析に基づく相互作用の推定


    公益財団法人一般用医薬品セルフメディケーション振興財団, 令和6年度調査・研究助成金, 補助金,  研究代表者

  • トランスポーターを介したDisease-Drug interactionsのメカニズムとその臨床的意義


    文部科学省・日本学術振興会, 科学研究費助成事業 基盤研究(C), 補助金,  研究代表者

  • フェキソフェナジンと解熱鎮痛剤の相互作用のリスク評価と個人間変動解析


    公益財団法人一般用医薬品セルフメディケーション振興財団, 研究助成金, 補助金,  研究代表者

  • 低頻度バリアント保有者における薬物相互作用リスク の予測精度を改善するための in silico 研究


    公益財団法人 臨床薬理研究振興財団, 2021 年度(第 46 回) 研究奨励金, 秋好健志、大谷壽一, 補助金,  研究代表者

  • フェキソフェナジンと各種柑橘類の消化管吸収過程における相互作用リスクの評価


    公益財団法人 一般用医薬品セルフメディケーション振興財団, 令和2年度調査・研究助成金, 秋好健志, 補助金,  研究代表者

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  • 優秀演題発表賞

    諏訪円佳, 今岡鮎子, 秋好健志, 大谷壽一., 2023年06月, 日本医療薬学会, 柑橘系果物に含有される CYPs 阻害成分の含量とその果実間差の網羅的定量解析

    受賞区分: 国内学会・会議・シンポジウム等の賞

  • 優秀ポスター発表賞

    森田時生,佐藤稜,秋好健志, 今岡鮎子, 片山和浩, 杉本芳一, 大谷壽一. , 2018年09月, 第62回日本薬学会関東支部会, ヒト小腸有機アニオン輸送ポリペプチド OATP1A2 および OATP2B1 の pH sensitive な輸送特性の解析.

    受賞区分: 国内学会・会議・シンポジウム等の賞

  • 優秀口演発表賞

    土谷聡耀, 今岡鮎子, 秋好健志, 大谷壽一, 2017年09月, 第61回日本薬学会関東支部大会, イリノテカンによる消化管障害がジゴキシンの吸収に与える影響

  • 学生優秀発表賞

    ○中村 幸大, 今岡 鮎子, 秋好 健志, 大谷 壽一, 慶應大・薬., 2017年07月, 第20回日本医薬品情報学会総会・学術大会, 医薬品と活性炭との相互作用の回避のための投与設計法の構築と評価

  • 優秀発表賞

    ○今岡 鮎子, 関 耕平, 秋好 健志, 大谷 壽一., 2017年06月, 日本医療薬学会「第1回フレッシャーズ・カンファランス」, 薬物吸収に対する胃内 pH および食事の影響 -小動物を用いた評価-

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  • Thai Pharmacy Experience


  • 課題研究(臨床薬学)


  • 演習(臨床薬学)


  • 卒業研究1(薬学科)


  • 実務実習事前学習4


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