Van meter, Rodney



Faculty of Environment and Information Studies (Shonan Fujisawa)



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  • '''''''quantum computation, distributed quantum computing, quantum networking'''''''


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  • System Design for a Long-Line Quantum Repeater

    Van Meter Rodney

    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 17 ( 3 ) 1002-1013 2009.06

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  1063-6692

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    We present a new control algorithm and system design for a network of
    quantum repeaters, and outline the end-to-end protocol architecture.
    Such a network will create long-distance quantum states, supporting
    quantum key distribution as well as distributed quantum computation.
    Quantum repeaters improve the reduction of quantum-communication
    throughput with distance from exponential to polynomial. Because a
    quantum state cannot be copied, a quantum repeater is not a signal
    amplifier. Rather, it executes algorithms for quantum teleportation
    in conjunction with a specialized type of quantum error correction
    called {em purification} to raise the {em fidelity} of the quantum
    states. We introduce our {em banded} purification scheme, which is
    especially effective when the fidelity of coupled qubits is low,
    improving the prospects for experimental realization of such systems.
    The resulting throughput is calculated via detailed simulations of a
    long line composed of shorter hops. Our algorithmic improvements
    increase throughput by a factor of up to fifty compared to earlier
    approaches, for a broad range of physical characteristics.

  • Quantum Repeater with Encoding

    Van Meter Rodney

    Physical Review A 79   032325 2009.03

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted

  • High-Bandwidth Hybrid Quantum Repeater

    Van Meter Rodney

    Physical Review Letters 101   040502 2008.07

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted

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    We present a physical- and link-level design for the creation of entangled pairs to be used in quantum
    repeater applications where one can control the noise level of the initially distributed pairs. The system
    can tune dynamically, trading initial fidelity for success probability, from high fidelity pairs (F
    ���� 0:98 or
    above) to moderate fidelity pairs. The same physical resources that create the long-distance entanglement
    are used to implement the local gates required for entanglement purification and swapping, creating a
    homogeneous repeater architecture. Optimizing the noise properties of the initially distributed pairs
    significantly improves the rate of generating long-distance Bell pairs. Finally, we discuss the performance
    trade-off between spatial and temporal resources.

  • Arithmetic on a Distributed-Memory Quantum Multicomputer

    Van Meter Rodney

    ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems 3 ( 4 )  2008.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted

  • Communication Links for Distributed Quantum Computation

    Van Meter, R. Nemoto, K. Munro, W.J.

    IEEE transactions on computers 56 ( 12 ) 1643-1653 2007.12

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Except for reviews,  ISSN  0018-9340

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  • MARA: Maximum Alternative Routing Algorithm

    Van Meter Rodney

    INFOCOM (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) , 2009.04, Oral Presentation(general), IEEE

  • Distributed arithmetic on a quantum multicomputer

    Van Meter, Rodney; Munro, W.J.; Nemoto, Kae; Itoh, Kohei M.

    International Symposium on Computer Architecture, ISCA 2006 (Boston, MA, United States) , 2006.06, Oral Presentation(general)

  • Latency Management in Storage Systems

    Van Meter Rodney

    Operating Systems Design and Implementation (San Diego, CA) , 2000.10, Oral Presentation(general), USENIX

  • VISA: Netstation's Virtual Internet SCSI Adapter

    Van Meter Rodney

    Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (San Jose, CA) , 1998.10, Oral Presentation(general), ACM

  • Observing the Effects of Multi-Zone Disks

    Van Meter Rodney

    USENIX Annual Technical Conference (Anaheim, CA) , 1997.01, Oral Presentation(general), USENIX

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  • Quantum Sockets: Programming Quantum Repeater Network Testbeds


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, バンミーター, ロドニー, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B), Principal Investigator


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  • Japan France Laboratory for Informatics


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  • Executive Committee, IEEE Technical Committtee on Mass Storage Systems, 


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  • 2008.12

    Member, Japan France Laboratory for Informatics

  • 1997.10

    Committee Member, Executive Committee, IEEE Technical Committtee on Mass Storage Systems