Obara, Minoru



Faculty of Science and Technology (Mita)


Professor Emeritus

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  • “Lasers,Excimer”in Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, 3rd Edition,

    M.Obara, M.Kakehata, Academic Press, 2002

    Scope: 361-376

  • レーザ応用光学

    小原實、神成文彦、佐藤俊一, (先端光エレクトロニクスシリーズ)共立出版, 1998.11

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  • レーザ応用工学

    小原實、荒井恒憲、緑川克美, (光エレクトロニクス教科書シリーズ)コロナ社, 1998.09

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  • 光サイエンス辞典

    小原實, オプトロニクス社, 1998

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  • ガスレーザー他

    小原實, 応用物理用語事典(応用物理学会編集), 1997

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  • To Foster Laser Technologists


    The Review of Laser Engineering Vol.31 ( No.8 ) 巻頭 2003.08

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work

  • Transdermal delivery of photosensitizer by the laser-induced stress wave in combination with skin heating

    M.Ogura, S.Saito, M.Kuroki, H.Wakisaka, S.Kawauchi, M.Ishihawa, M.Kikuchi, M.Yoshioka, H.Ashida, and M.Obara

    Jpn.J.Appi.Phys., Vol.41,Part 2, ( No.7A, ) L814-L816 2003.07

    Joint Work

  • Tailored ablation processing of advanced biomedical hydroxyapatie by femtosecond laser pulse

    K.Ozono, M.Obara

    Applied Physics A,  2003.03

    Joint Work

  • Efficent frequency doubling of 1-WCW Ti:sapphire laser with a robust high-finesse external cavity

    H.Kumagai, Y.Asakawa, T.Iwane,K.Midorikawa,and M.Obara

    Appl.Opd.,  2003.02

    Joint Work

  • Femtosecond laser processing tailored for biomedical materials and laser power delivery through optical fibers

    M.Obara, K.Ozono, M.Kanai, H.Sekita, P.A.Atanasov

    Photonics West 2003 Jan Jose,USA  2003.01

    Joint Work

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    Laser Applications in Microelectronics and Optoelectronic Manufacturing VIII, Proceedings of SPIE Vol.4977: Photon Processing

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