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Itabashi, Yuji



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  • Cancer therapeutics-related cardiac dysfunction in a patient treated with abiraterone for castration-resistant prostate cancer

    Tsugu, T., Nagatomo, Y., Nakajima, Y., Kageyama, T., Akise, Y., Endo, J., Itabashi, Y., Murata, M. and Mitamura, H.

    J Med Ultrason (2001) 2018年08月

    ISSN  1346-4523


    Abiraterone is an agent effective for castration-resistant prostate cancer, but there have been no reports of cardiotoxic effects inducing cardiomyopathy, to our knowledge. We present a case of an 86-year-old man with castration-resistant prostate cancer treated with abiraterone. He had received an androgen receptor antagonist (bicalutamide) and a gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist (degarelix) for 3 years. These agents were changed to enzalutamide due to elevation of plasma prostate-specific antigen level of 129 ng/mL. One year later, the oral androgen receptor inhibitor (enzalutamide) caused drug-induced lung injury and was changed to abiraterone. Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) revealed normal left ventricular systolic function, and left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) was 67%. Four weeks after administration of abiraterone, he complained of dyspnea on effort and bilateral leg edema, and he was diagnosed with heart failure. TTE showed hypokinesis of the diffuse LV, and LVEF decreased to 45%. The various causes of heart failure were excluded. Since a cardiotoxic effect of abiraterone was suspected, administration of abiraterone was discontinued. Two weeks after cessation of abiraterone, LVEF ameliorated to 57%, and then 5 months after cessation of abiraterone, LVEF further improved to 65%. To our knowledge, this is the first report of definite cancer therapeutics-related cardiac dysfunction due to a hormonal agent such as abiraterone diagnosed according to the American Society of Echocardiography and European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging criteria.

  • Delayed hemopericardium due to non-penetrating chest trauma: a report of new case and literature review

    Tsugu, T., Nagatomo, Y., Tanigawa, T., Endo, J., Itabashi, Y., Murata, M. and Mitamura, H.

    J Med Ultrason (2001) 2018年08月

    ISSN  1346-4523


    To our knowledge, only 15 cases of delayed traumatic hemopericardium resulting from non-penetrating chest trauma have been reported. We present the case of a 63-year-old man with delayed hemopericardium, 2 months after striking the anterior chest on a mailbox when he fell down three steps during a postal delivery. Our case and review of the previously reported cases suggest that some cases might show quite slow progression of blood accumulation. Therefore, careful observation of patients who have experienced blunt trauma of the anterior chest is necessary.

  • Improvement in the electrocardiograms associated with right ventricular hypertrophy after balloon pulmonary angioplasty in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

    Nishiyama, T., Takatsuki, S., Kawakami, T., Katsumata, Y., Kimura, T., Kataoka, M., Tsuruta, H., Itabashi, Y., Murata, M., Yuasa, S., Aizawa, Y. and Fukuda, K.

    Int J Cardiol Heart Vasc 19   75 - 82 2018年06月

    ISSN  2352-9067


    Background: Balloon pulmonary angioplasty (BPA) is a treatment option for patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH). Methods and results: In 60 patients with CTEPH, we examined the hemodynamic data before and after BPA. In addition, the sequential ECG findings for right ventricular hypertrophy (RVH) were assessed. The mean pulmonary arterial pressure (mPAP) decreased from 38+/-11 to 20+/-4mmHg (p<0.05). The ROC analysis showed that the S waves in V5, R waves in V1+S waves in V5, S waves in I, and QRS axis were significant predictors of an mPAP>==30mmHg (AUC>0.75, p<0.01). The predictive values for the mPAP before the BPA were the S and R waves in lead V6, and P waves in lead II (33.417+0.078xP in II-0.10xR in V6+0.012xS in V6). The change in the mPAP (DeltamPAP) correlated with the change in the amplitudes of the ECGs: DeltaS wave in lead I (R=0.544, p<0.001), DeltaR in V1+S in V5 (R=0.476, p<0.001), and DeltaP wave in II (R=0.511, p<0.001). At 6months of follow-up, the improvement in an R in V1+S in V5 of >==10mm implied a better functional status. Conclusion: BPA therapy reduced the pulmonary arterial pressure in patients with CTEPH and was associated with an improvement in the ECG findings related to RVH.

  • The clinical value of assessing right ventricular diastolic function after balloon pulmonary angioplasty in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

    Moriyama, H., Murata, M., Tsugu, T., Kawakami, T., Kataoka, M., Hiraide, T., Kimura, M., Isobe, S., Endo, J., Kohno, T., Itabashi, Y. and Fukuda, K.

    Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 34 ( 6 ) 875 - 882 2018年06月

    ISSN  1569-5794


    Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) has a poor prognosis because of the associated progressive right heart failure. Accurate evaluation of right ventricular (RV) function would thus be useful to predict prognosis. However, the significance of RV diastolic function remains unclear. We aimed to identify which echocardiographic measures are most accurate, and potentially useful, in assessing RV diastolic function in patients with CTEPH, and to study the effects of balloon pulmonary angioplasty (BPA) on them. We enrolled 53 CTEPH patients who underwent BPA. Echocardiographic parameters, including two-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography, were compared to the hemodynamic parameters measured by right heart catheterization before and after BPA. RV strain rate during early diastole (SR_E), tricuspid e' and right atrial area (RAA) were ameliorated after BPA, concomitant with a decrease in the time constant of the RV pressure curve during diastole (tau), indicating the improvement of RV diastolic function. Among them, SR_E had the strongest correlation with tau (r = - 0.39, p < 0.001). Furthermore, the receiver operating characteristic analyses revealed that E/SR_E (AUC 0.704) and inferior vena cava diameter (AUC 0.726) had a stronger association with higher mean right atrial pressure than RAA (AUC 0.632). In contrast, RAA had a stronger correlation with 6 min-walk distances than SR_E (r = - 0.39, p < 0.001 vs. r = 0.30, p = 0.005). Taken together, echocardiographic assessment of RV diastolic function might be associated with hemodynamics as well as exercise tolerance in patients with CTEPH, indicating its benefits in evaluating the therapeutic effects of BPA.

  • Different indicators for postprocedural mitral stenosis caused by single- or multiple-clip implantation after percutaneous mitral valve repair

    Itabashi, Y., Utsunomiya, H., Kubo, S., Mizutani, Y., Mihara, H., Murata, M., Siegel, R. J., Kar, S., Fukuda, K. and Shiota, T.

    J Cardiol 71 ( 4 ) 336 - 345 2018年04月

    ISSN  0914-5087


    BACKGROUND: Postprocedural mitral stenosis (MS) is a main limitation for MitraClip (Abbot Vascular, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA) procedure. The purpose of this study was to detect the preprocedural predictors of high transmitral pressure gradient (TMPG) after MitraClip implantation, which indicated postprocedural mitral stenosis (MS). METHODS: We studied 79 patients who were implanted with MitraClip in our institute. Before the procedure, mitral valve orifice area (MVOA), and anterior-posterior (AP) and medial-lateral (ML) mitral annular diameters were measured at diastole using three-dimensional (3D) transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) data set. After the procedure, the mean TMPG was assessed using continuous-wave (CW) Doppler by periprocedural TEE. RESULTS: Preprocedural MVOA, and AP and ML diameter of left ventricular (LV) inflow orifices were larger in patients with mean TMPG </=4mmHg than in patients with TMPG >4mmHg after 1-and 2-clip implantation. The large MVOA and ML diameter of LV inflow orifice strongly correlated with the low TMPG after 1- and 2-clip implantation. As a result of the receiver operating characteristic curve analysis, the preprocedural MVOA predicted the low postprocedural TMPG more accurately than the ML diameter of LV inflow orifice after 1-clip implantation either in the degenerative or functional mitral regurgitation (MR) patients. After 2-clip implantation, however, the preprocedural ML diameter of LV inflow orifice predicted it more accurately than the MVOA in the degenerative and functional MR patients. CONCLUSIONS: 3D TEE derived MVOA predicts the postprocedural MS after 1-clip implantation, however, preprocedural ML diameter of LV inflow orifice is more useful to predict after 2-clip implantation.

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  • Neurotrophin-3, a neurotrophic factor, is a new member of cardiomyocyte hypertrophic factors

    Kawaguchi Haruko, Suematsu Makoto, Tahara Satoko, Tomita Yuichi, Ieda Masaki, Fujita Jun, Manabe Tomohiro, Itabashi Yuji, Yagi Takashi, Yuasa Shinsuke, Kinosita Masaki, hayashida Kentaro, Yoshioka Masatoyo, Shibuya sao, Hisaka Yasuyo, Fukuda Keiichi

    第67回日本循環器学会学術集会, 2003年03月, 口頭(一般)

  • 成獣ラット心筋細胞は心筋梗塞後に分裂像を呈する


    第25回心筋代謝研究会, 2002年07月, 口頭(一般)

  • Differential response between cardiomyocytes and cardiac fibroblasts in reactive oxygen spiecies(ROS)-mediated signal transduction pathways be endothelin-1

    Satoh Tosihiko, Satoh Keiichi Fukuda, Tomita Yuichi, Tahara Satoko, Fujita Jun, Itabashi Yuji, Yuasa Shinsuke, Shibuya Isao, Hisaka Yasuyo, Kawaguchi Haruko, Ogawa Satoshi

    第66回日本循環器学会学術集会, 2002年04月, 口頭(一般)

  • Molecular characterization of endothelin-1-specific augmentation of nerve growth factor gene expression in cardiomyocyte

    Ieda Masaki, Fukuda Keiichi, Tomita Yuichi, Tahara Satoko, Fujita Jun, Itabashi Yuji, Yuasa Shinsuke, Shibuya Isao, Hisaka Yasuyo, Kawaguchi Haruko, Ogawa Satoshi

    第66回日本循環器学会学術集会, 2002年04月, 口頭(一般)

  • Molecular mechanism of the changes in appearance of the action potentials in bone-marrow derived regenerated cardiomyocytes

    Tomita Yuichi, Fukuda Keiichi, Ieda Masaki, Tahara Satoko, Fujita Jun, Itabashi Yuji, Yuasa Shinsuke, Shibuya Isao, Hisaka Yasuyo, Kawaguchi Haruko, Ogawa Satoshi

    第66回日本循環器学会学術集会, 2002年04月, 口頭(一般)

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  • 経皮的大動脈弁植え込み術後に遷延する低心機能の機序の調査と動物モデルでの検討


    文部科学省・日本学術振興会, 科学研究費助成事業, 板橋 裕史, 基盤研究(C), 補助金,  代表


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