Yamada, Yuka



School of Medicine, Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery (Shinanomachi)



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  • 博士(医学), Keio University, Coursework, 2019.02


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  • The effect of improving oral hygiene through professional oral care to reduce the incidence of pneumonia post-esophagectomy in esophageal cancer

    Yamada Y., Yurikusa T., Furukawa K., Tsubosa Y., Niihara M., Mori K., Asoda S., Kawana H., Kitagawa Y., Nakagawa T.

    Keio Journal of Medicine (Keio Journal of Medicine)  68 ( 1 ) 17 - 25 2019

    ISSN  00229717

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    © 2018 by The Keio Journal of Medicine. Radical esophagectomy for thoracic esophageal cancer is invasive and frequently results in postoperative pulmonary complications. Postoperative pneumonia is the most common such complication and affects hospital mortality and survival rates. Oral care has been very effective in reducing pneumonia. In Japan, preoperative professional oral care is highly recommended. However, there are few studies on the effect of preoperative improvements in oral hygiene as a result of intervention on the incidence of postoperative pneumonia. The primary end-point of this retrospective study was the incidence of postoperative pneumonia after radical esophagectomy. The oral health levels of 46 patients were individually categorized, and then patients were grouped according to whether they maintained or improved their oral hygiene. At the first dental examination, oral health levels were classified as good in 22 patients and bad in 24. Of the 46 patients studied, 39 patients maintained or improved their oral hygiene (good control group), whereas 7 showed no improvement (bad control group). Postoperative pneumonia occurred in eight patients: four in the good control group and four in the bad control group. Statistical analysis with postoperative pneumonia as a dependent variable showed a significant effect of oral hygiene improvement on the incidence of pneumonia. Logistic regression analysis with this factor as an independent variable demonstrated that the risk of postoperative pneumonia was reduced in the good control group (OR 0.086, 95% CI 0.014-0.529). Therefore, preoperative professional oral care may improve oral hygiene and oral health, which may in turn reduce the incidence of postoperative pneumonia.

  • A case of platelet transfusion refractoriness occurring after platelet transfusion for tooth extraction in myelodysplastic syndromes patient

    Soma T., Asoda S., Iwasaki R., Miyashita H., Inoue M., Yamada Y., Uchiyama K., Nakagawa T., Kawana H.

    Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology (Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology)  30 ( 6 ) 496 - 499 2018.11

    ISSN  22125558

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    © 2018 Asian AOMS(+) ASOMP(+) JSOP(+) JSOMS(+) JSOM(+) and JAMI Myelodysplastic syndrome is an acquired hematopoietic disorder showing symptoms of pre-leukemia and refractory anemia. In the tooth extraction process of such cases, bleeding tendency due to pancytopenia, infection etc., becomes a problem. As such, a cautious approach is required. We have confirmed platelet transfusion refractoriness prior to tooth extraction in a myelodysplastic syndrome patient, and hereby report a case of tooth extraction following human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-compatible concentrated platelet transfusion. The patient was a 55-year-old female who was examined at our department due to a request for the extraction of tooth No. 36. Following consultation at the Hematology Department, platelet transfusion was performed as a pretreatment upon hospitalization. Increased body temperature, chills, shivers, and feelings of discomfort in the pharynx were observed. A close examination was performed due to a lack of increase in platelet count, and revealed platelet transfusion refractoriness caused by anti-HLA antibodies. Therefore, the patient was re-hospitalized and transfused with a platelet concentrate-HLA preparation. One hour later, an increase in platelet count was confirmed and the tooth extraction was performed. There was no evidence of bleeding or infection following extraction, and the prognosis was good.

  • IGF-II産生非膵島細胞腫瘍性低血糖症を発症した上顎歯肉癌の1例

    宮下 英高, 莇生田 整治, 森 泰昌, 山田 有佳, 相馬 智也, 河奈 裕正

    日本口腔外科学会雑誌 62 ( 9 ) 448 - 453 2016.09

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted

  • A titanium screw-retaining temporary denture on the raw surface muscular flap for the immediate maxillary reconstructionOriginal Research Article.

    Hidetaka Miyashita, Seiji Asoda, Nobuyuki Horie, Shin Usuda, Shin Kato, Wataru Muraoka, Yuka Yamada, Momoko Yoshikawa, Toshihiro Hasegawa, Katsuhiro Onizawa, Ichiro Tanaka, Masaki Yazawa, Hisao Ogata, Kazuo Kishi, Toshiki Tomita, Taneaki Nakagawa, Hiromasa Kawana.

    Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology 28 ( 1 ) 8 - 12 2016.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

  • Auricular malformation treated by placement of an osseointegrated implant-supported epithesis using telenavigation and model simulation: A case report.

    Shin Usuda, Michael Truppe, Tsuyoshi Kaneko, Kaoru Ogawa, Seiji Asoda, Chika Hatazawa, Sho Usuda, Yuka Yamada, Rolf Ewers, Taneaki Nakagawa, Hiromasa Kawana

    Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology 27 ( 1 ) 49 - 55 2015.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

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  • 義歯不適合の影響・義歯装着と清掃・禁食中の内科医が知っておくべき口腔衛生


    診断と治療 106 ( 10 ) 1241 - 1243 2018.10

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine), Single Work

  • 慶應義塾大学病院におけるNST活動

    YAMADA Yuka

    日本臨床栄養学会雑誌 40 ( 2 ) 114 - 117 2018.07

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal), Joint Work

  • 【よくわかる歯科小手術の基本 抜歯から歯周外科まで】 歯科小手術 実践編 口腔外科 外傷

    YAMADA Yuka

    DENTAL DIAMOND 41 ( 14 ) 74 - 77 2016.10

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine), Joint Work

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  • 高度の舌挙上が生じた口底部過誤腫の1例


    第63回(公社)日本口腔外科学会総会・学術大会, 2018.11, Oral Presentation(general)

  • 経カテーテル大動脈弁留置術患者における口腔管理の臨床的検討

    YAMADA Yuka

    第28回日本老年歯科医学会総会・学術大会, 2017.06, Oral Presentation(general)

  • 極度の低栄養状態で入院しNST介入により化学療法施行に至った進行舌癌の一例

    YAMADA Yuka

    第32回日本静脈経腸栄養学会, 2017.02, Poster (general)

  • :慶應病院での口腔がん患者家族支援:がんの親を持つ子供のサポートプログラムCLIMB

    YAMADA Yuka

    第61回日本口腔外科学会総会・学術大会, 2016.11, Poster (general)

  • 骨粗鬆症に対しデノスマブ(プラリア)を投与された患者群に対する臨床的検討

    YAMADA Yuka

    第27回日本老年歯科医学会総会・学術大会, 2016.06, Oral Presentation(general)

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