Soga, Shigeyoshi



School of Medicine, Department of Radiology (Diagnostic Radiology) (Shinanomachi)


Assistant Professor/Senior Assistant Professor


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  • Life Science / Radiological sciences

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  • abdominal imaging vascular imaging interventional radiology ablation endovascular diagnosis imaging anatomy Magnetic Resonance Imaging Computed Tomography

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  • リンパ管イメージング 高分解能イメージング IVR 経皮的ablation 新規画像診断法の開発, 



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  • 画像診断増刊号 救急疾患の鑑別診断のポイント 胸腔内液貯留の鑑別 学研メディカル秀潤社

    曽我茂義, 学研メディカル秀潤社, 2019

    Contact page: p150-153

  • 画像診断増刊号 救急疾患の鑑別診断のポイント 胸腰椎の異常陰影の鑑別

    吉川裕紀,曽我茂義, 2019

    Contact page: 150−153

  • 新臨床静脈学 日本静脈学会 編; MRIによるリンパ管の診断 ―MR lymphangiography およびMR thoracic ductography.

    曽我茂義,大西文夫,三鍋俊春,新本弘, メジカルビュー社, 2019

  • 放射線治療グリーンマニュアル

    曽我茂義,茂松直之,小黒草太, 2005

    Contact page: p314-318

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  • A novel technique for automating stiffness measurement and emphasizing the main wave: Coherent-wave auto-selection (CHASE)

    Ito D., Numano T., Habe T., Mizuhara K., Arita Y., Soga S., Okuda S., Jinzaki M.

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)  85   133 - 140 2022.01

    ISSN  0730725X

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    This study aims to develop and assess a new automated processing technique in MR elastography (MRE), namely coherent-wave auto-selection (CHASE). CHASE enables automatic selection of the region of interest (ROI) for stiffness measurement by extraction of the coherent wave region (CHASE ROI), and it improves the reconstruction of stiffness by a directional filter oriented along the main wave in each pixel (CHASE filtering). In this study, MRE of a phantom and of the liver of four healthy volunteers was performed. To investigate the potential of CHASE, this study assessed the CHASE according to three indices through the phantom study: 1) agreement on the ROI settings between CHASE and expert observers, 2) noise dependency, and 3) effect of the CHASE on stiffness variability within the CHASE ROI. The agreements on the ROI settings were analyzed by Cohen's kappa coefficient (κ). The noise dependency was analyzed by the mean absolute percentage errors (MAPEs) within the ROI between low (20%–80% amplitudes) and high vibration amplitudes (100% amplitude). The stiffness variability was assessed by standard deviation (SD) within the ROI. In the volunteer study, agreements on the ROI settings (or stiffness value) and stiffness variability within the CHASE ROI were assessed using κ-value (or intraclass correlation coefficient: ICC) and coefficient of variation, respectively. The results showed close agreement on the ROI settings and stiffness (κ-value: greater than 0.61 in both the phantom and volunteer studies, ICC: 0.97 in the volunteer study). The MAPEs within the CHASE ROI were much smaller than those in the whole region of the phantom (CHASE ROI vs. the whole region at 20% amplitude: 10.3% vs. 50.8%). Moreover, in both the phantom and volunteer studies, the stiffness variation within the CHASE ROI was smaller in the elastogram processed with CHASE filtering than in the unprocessed one. Our results demonstrated that the CHASE has high robustness against noise and the potential to provide ROI settings for stiffness measurement comparable to expert observers, as well as improve the reconstruction of stiffness.

  • Comparison of Foaming Properties between Shirasu Porous Glass Membrane Device and Tessari's 3-Way Stopcock Techniques for Polidocanol and Ethanolamine Oleate Foam Preparation: A Benchtop Study

    Torikai H., Inoue M., Tsukada J., Togawa K., Yamamoto Y., Hase M., Tamura M., Ito N., Soga S., Nakatsuka S., Jinzaki M.

    Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology)   2022

    ISSN  10510443

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    Purpose: To compare the characteristics of polidocanol (POL) and ethanolamine oleate (EO) sclerosing foams produced by a Shirasu porous glass membrane (SPGM) device with those made using a 3-way stopcock (3WSC). Materials and Methods: Foam half-life times were measured in an ex-vivo benchtop study. Computed tomography (CT) images of each foam were obtained over the time course, and a CT texture analysis was conducted. The bubble size in each foam was measured by an optical microscope. Results: Median foam half-life times were longer in the SPGM group than in the 3WSC group (POL: 198 vs 166 s, P = .02; EO: 640 vs 391 s, P < .01). In the CT texture analysis, median standard deviation (SD) and entropy (randomness) were lower, and median energy (uniformity) and gray-level cooccurrence matrix (GLCM) homogeneity were higher in the SPGM group than in the 3WSC group (POL SD: at 30 s and 50–300 s; POL entropy: at 0–60 s; EO SD: at 0–600 s; EO entropy: at 0–460 s; POL energy: at 0–40 s; POL GLCM homogeneity: at 0–250 s; EO energy: at 0–360 s; EO GLCM homogeneity: at 0–480 s; all P < .05). Median bubble diameters in the SPGM group and in the 3WSC group were 69 and 83 μm (P < .01), respectively, in the POL foam; and 36 and 36 μm (P = .45), respectively, in the EO foam. Conclusions: POL and EO foams had greater uniformity and longer foam half-life time when prepared with an SPGM device than with a 3WSC.

  • Usefulness of computed tomography for hospitalized adult patients with fever to investigate cause of fever: single-center, retrospective cohort study

    Hamabe F., Terayama T., Mikoshi A., Murakami W., Yamada K., Soga S., Shinmoto H.

    Japanese Journal of Radiology (Japanese Journal of Radiology)  39 ( 8 ) 802 - 810 2021.08

    ISSN  18671071

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    Purpose: To verify that physicians’ presumptive diagnosis is the most significant factor for finding any signs related to the cause of fever on computed tomography (CT) images. Materials and methods: This single-center retrospective cohort study included patients (age ≥ 16 years) who underwent CT to investigate the cause of fever between January 1, 2014, and August 31, 2016. Patients who underwent surgical procedures were excluded. The primary outcome was the presence of suspicious CT findings related to the cause of fever. We performed univariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses, adjusted for CT contrast agent use, quick sequential organ failure assessment score > 1, and C-reactive protein level. Results: We enrolled 171 patients, of which 57 had CT findings, and 114 did not. Multivariate logistic regression analyses demonstrated a significant difference for the presence of a presumptive diagnosis by the attending physician (odds ratio, 4.99; 95% confidence interval 2.31–10.76; p < 0.01), but not for other covariates, including C-reactive protein. Conclusions: In hospitalized patients with fever, an attending physicians’ presumptive diagnosis is associated with the presence of fever-related CT findings. Improving the quality of the diagnostic assessment before the CT scan may lead to more appropriate CT imaging use.

  • Lower limb lymphedema staging based on magnetic resonance lymphangiography.

    Soga S, Onishi F, Mikoshi A, Okuda S, Jinzaki M, Shinmoto H

    Journal of vascular surgery. Venous and lymphatic disorders (Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders)  10 ( 2 ) 445 - 453.e3 2021.07

    ISSN  2213-333X

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    Objective: Dermal backflow (DBF) and reduced lymphatic visualization are common findings of lymphedema on various imaging modalities. However, there is a lack of knowledge about how these findings vary with the anatomic location and severity of lymphedema, and previous reports using indocyanine green lymphography or lymphoscintigraphy show variable results. Magnetic resonance lymphangiography (MRL) is expected to clarify this clinical question due to its superior ability for lymphatic visualization. This retrospective study aimed to investigate the following: (1) Are there any characteristic patterns for DBF and lymphatics' visualization, depending on the anatomic location within lower limbs and severity of lymphedema? (2) Is it possible to classify the severity of lymphedema based on MRL findings? Methods: Two radiologists performed consensus readings of MRL of 56 patients (112 limbs) with lower-limb lymphedema. The frequency of visualized DBF and lymphatics was analyzed in six regions in each lower limb. The results were compared with the International Society of Lymphology clinical stages and etiology of lymphedema. Characteristic findings were categorized and compared with the clinical stage and duration of lymphedema. Results: DBF and lymphatics were observed more frequently in the distal regions than the proximal regions of lower limbs. DBF appeared more frequently as the clinical stage increased, reaching statistical significance (P < 10−3) between stages 0 or I and II. DBF above the knee joint was rarely observed (0.48%) in early stages (0 and I) but appeared more frequently (13.5%, P < 10−5) in stage II. Lymphatics appeared less frequently as the stage progressed, with significant differences (P <.05) between stages I and II and between II and III. The frequency of lymphatics above the knee joint decreased significantly (P <.05) between stages I and II and between II and III as the stage progressed, reaching 0% in stage III. An MRL staging was proposed and showed significant positive correlations with the clinical stage (r = 0.79, P <.01) and the duration of lymphedema (r = 0.57, P <.01). Conclusions: MRL-specific patterns of DBF and lymphatics that depended on the site within the lower limb and clinical stage were shown. The DBF pattern differed from those observed in previous studies with other imaging techniques. The proposed MRL staging based on these characteristic findings allows new stratification of patients with lymphedema. Combined with its excellent ability to visualize lymphatic anatomy, MRL could enable a more detailed understanding of individual patient's pathology, useful for determining the most appropriate treatment.

  • A rare case of isolated splenic sarcoidosis: A case report and literature review

    Kobayashi K., Einama T., Fujinuma I., Tsunenari T., Miyata Y., Iwasaki T., Asakuma J., Soga S., Shinmoto H., Tsujimoto H., Hase K., Ueno H., Kishi Y.

    Molecular and Clinical Oncology (Molecular and Clinical Oncology)  14 ( 2 ) 1 - 5 2021.02

    ISSN  20499450

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    Sarcoidosis is a multisystemic granulomatous disease. It is rarely isolated in the spleen. The present report describes a case of isolated splenic sarcoidosis that was diagnosed histologically following laparoscopic splenectomy. A 76-year-old woman, who underwent radical nephroureterectomy 7 years earlier for left renal pelvic cancer and mastectomy 6 years earlier for left breast cancer in another facility, was referred to our hospital for assessment of splenic tumors that were identified during a follow-up examination. The computed tomography scans revealed multiple nodules in the spleen, which had increased in size over 2 years. Positron emission tomography revealed accumulation of [18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose in the spleen. Laparoscopic splenectomy was performed and the diagnosis of sarcoidosis was confirmed histologically. A review of previous reports and the present case suggested that diagnosis of splenic sarcoidosis should be considered when the CT scans show multinodular splenic tumors, and sarcoidosis might be associated with malignant tumors.

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Reviews, Commentaries, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • 【リンパ管造影のトピックス】リンパ管造影とリンパ系IVR

    井上 政則, 中塚 誠之, 曽我 茂義, 吉川 裕紀, 長谷 学, 鳥飼 秀幸, 田村 全, 塚田 実郎, 屋代 英樹, 小柳 喬幸, 山岸 敬幸, 陣崎 雅弘

    日本小児放射線学会雑誌 ((一社)日本小児放射線学会)  37 ( 2 ) 134 - 146 2021.10

    ISSN  0918-8487

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    リンパ系システムは水分バランスの調整に於いて重要な役割を担っている.従来リンパ系システムの重要性は認識されてきたが,臨床的にリンパ系システムの画像化が困難であり,インターベンションによる治療介入も他の脈管系と比較して遅れをとってきた.しかし近年発達してきた鼠径部リンパ節からのリンパ管造影やMR lymphangiographyは新たな画像診断とインターベンションへのへの門戸を開いた.リンパ系システムの異常はリンパ浮腫とリンパ漏に大別される.この中で,リンパ漏れまれであるが重篤になり得る状態である.術後リンパ漏はリンパ漏の原因では頻度が高く,乳び胸水や腹部リンパ漏に代表される.適切な画像診断を行い,漏れを描出することでインターベンションにて治療可能となる.本稿では,総括的に臨床に重要なリンパ管解剖,リンパ管造影,適切なリンパ管造影の選択や様々なリンパ漏に対するインターベンションによる治療戦略を概説する.(著者抄録)

  • COVID-19患者のIVRに対する心構えと実践的対策

    田村 全, 長谷 学, 曽我 茂義, 井上 政則, 中塚 誠之, 陣崎 雅弘

    日本インターベンショナルラジオロジー学会雑誌 ((一社)日本インターベンショナルラジオロジー学会)  36 ( Suppl. ) 105 - 105 2021.04

    ISSN  1340-4520

  • 2つの脾動脈瘤に対する同時コイル塞栓後に生じた急性膵炎の一例

    山本 洋輔, 田村 全, 井上 政則, 長谷 学, 鳥飼 秀幸, 伊東 伸剛, 曽我 茂義, 中塚 誠之, 陣崎 雅弘

    日本インターベンショナルラジオロジー学会雑誌 ((一社)日本インターベンショナルラジオロジー学会)  36 ( Suppl. ) 236 - 236 2021.04

    ISSN  1340-4520

  • 小径腎腫瘍に対する治療選択 小径腎癌に対する経皮的ラジオ波焼灼療法

    伊藤 敬一, 曽我 茂義, 新本 弘, 淺野 友彦

    日本泌尿器科学会総会 ((一社)日本泌尿器科学会総会事務局)  108回   389 - 389 2020.12

  • 騎乗型会陰外傷による球部尿道狭窄例の勃起障害 尿道形成術前MRIからの予測

    平野 裕資, 堀口 明男, 江戸 博美, 新地 祐介, 尾島 健一郎, 淺野 友彦, 伊藤 敬一, 曽我 茂義, 東 隆一, 新本 弘

    日本泌尿器科学会総会 ((一社)日本泌尿器科学会総会事務局)  108回   1520 - 1520 2020.12

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Research Projects of Competitive Funds, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • Diagnosis and treatment of lymphatic diseases using MR lymphangiography, photoacoustic imaging, and upright CT


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), Principal investigator

  • MRリンパ管イメージングが先導するリンパ浮腫の診断・治療イノベーション


    科学研究費補助金 若手研究(B), Principal investigator

  • 分娩後大量出血患者に対するN-butyl cyanoacrylateを用いた子宮動脈塞栓の安全性および使用方法の検討と有用性評価に関する研究


    防衛医科大学校奨励研究, Research grant, Principal investigator

Awards 【 Display / hide

  • Presidential Award in 49th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

    2021.09, Magnetic resonance lymphangiography staging system for lower limb lymphedema

    Type of Award: Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc.

  • 日本リンパ浮腫治療学会学術総会 優秀演題賞

    大西文夫,曽我茂義,三鍋俊春, 2021.09, MR lymphangiography (MRL)による新たなリンパ浮腫ステージング

    Type of Award: Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc.

  • Nomination for Radiographics in 103th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of Radiological Society of North America

    S.Soga,F. Onishi 他, 2017, State of The Art Peripheral Lymphatic Imaging: Now You Can See It!

    Type of Award: Award from international society, conference, symposium, etc.,  Country: United States

  • 泌尿器画像診断・治療技術研究会 優秀賞

    江戸博美, 曽我茂義 他, 2016, 新たな泌尿器造影検査− Cone-beam CTと3D回転造影

    Type of Award: Award from Japanese society, conference, symposium, etc.

  • Certificate of Merit in 100th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of Radiological Society of North America

    S.Soga, F. Onishi 他, 2014, Vascular and Lymphatic Imaging for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: A Primer for the Radiologist

    Type of Award: Award from international society, conference, symposium, etc.

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  • 循環器系 心血管1(大動脈疾患など)



    Lecture, Within own faculty

  • 放射線医学 Non-Vascular IVR (治療法の種類と手技、症例)



    Lecture, Within own faculty

  • 先駆的医療と看護 がんの先駆的放射線医療



    Lecture, Within own faculty

  • 放射線医学 Vascular IVR (治療法の種類と手技、症例)



    Lecture, Within own faculty

  • 放射線医学 胸部画像診断



    Lecture, Within own faculty

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