Niimura, Hidehito



School of Medicine, Department of Neuropsychiatry (Shinanomachi)


Senior Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)/Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)

Academic Degrees 【 Display / hide

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Keio University, Dissertation, 2012.01

Licenses and Qualifications 【 Display / hide

  • 日本精神神経学会精神科指導医, 2008.04

  • 精神保健指定医, 2009.01

  • 日本精神神経学会精神科専門医, 2009.04

  • 日本森田療法学会森田療法認定医, 2011.10

  • 日本老年精神医学会専門医, 2016.06

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Books 【 Display / hide

  • 今日の治療指針 私はこう治療している2020年

    新村秀人, 医学書院, 2020.01,  Page: 1046-1047

  • リカバリーのためのワークブック-回復を目指す精神科サポートガイド

    Niimura Hidehito, 中央法規, 2018.06

    Scope: 活動性を高める

  • 短時間で行う老年期うつ病の精神療法的アプローチ

    Niimura Hidehito, 星和書店, 2018.06

    Scope: 生老病死に逆らわない生き方を支える

  • 救急レジデントマニュアル 第6版

    Niimura Hidehito, 医学書院, 2018.05

    Scope: 精神科救急

  • 最新医学別冊 診断と治療のABC132

    Niimura Hidehito, 最新医学社, 2018.03

    Scope: 高齢者への社会的支援

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Papers 【 Display / hide

  • Increased blood COASY DNA methylation levels a potential biomarker for early pathology of Alzheimer’s disease

    Kobayashi N., Shinagawa S., Niimura H., Kida H., Nagata T., Tagai K., Shimada K., Oka N., Shikimoto R., Noda Y., Nakajima S., Mimura M., Shigeta M., Kondo K.

    Scientific Reports (Scientific Reports)  10 ( 1 )  2020.12

     View Summary

    © 2020, The Author(s). Early diagnosis of dementia including Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an urgent medical and welfare issue. However, to date, no simple biometrics have been available. We reported that blood DNA methylation levels of the COASY gene, which encodes coenzyme A synthase, were increased in individuals with AD and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI). The present study sought to replicate these findings with larger numbers of samples. Another objective was to clarify whether COASY methylation is associated with neurodegeneration through a comparison of AD, AD with cardiovascular disease (CVD), and vascular dementia (VaD). We measured blood COASY methylation levels in normal controls (NCs) (n = 200), and individuals with aMCI (n = 22), AD (n = 151), and VaD (n = 21). Compared with NCs, they were significantly higher in individuals with aMCI and AD. Further, they were significantly higher in AD patients without cardiovascular diseases compared to AD patients with them. These findings suggest that COASY methylation levels may be related to neurodegeneration in AD.

  • 高齢者に対する精神療法的アプローチ-生老病死に逆らわない生き方を支える


    精神神経学雑誌 (日本精神神経学会)  122 ( 7 ) 528 - 535 2020.07

    Research paper (scientific journal), Single Work, Accepted,  ISSN  033-2658

  • Increasing light physical activity helps to maintain cognitive function among the community-dwelling oldest old population: A cross-sectional study using actigraph from the Arakawa 85+ study

    Suzuki K, Niimura H*, Kida H, Eguchi Y, Kitashima C, Takayama M, Mimura M

    Geriatrics & Gerontology International (Wiley)  20 ( 8 ) 773 - 778 2020.06

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted,  ISSN  14441586

     View Summary

    © 2020 Japan Geriatrics Society Aim: To investigate the influence of replacing sedentary time with physical activity on cognitive function using an isotemporal substitution model in a population of community-dwelling oldest old. Methods: This cross-sectional study included residents of the Arakawa ward, Tokyo, who were part of a prospective cohort from the Arakawa 85+ study. We measured physical activity in 136 participants using a triaxial actigraph. Cognitive function was measured using the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination-III and participants were divided into a “cognitive decline group” (Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination-III ≤88) and “cognitive maintain group” (Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination-III ≥89). Physical activity was divided into three categories: sedentary behavior (≤1.5 metabolic equivalents), light physical activity (>1.5 to <3.0 metabolic equivalents), and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (≥3 metabolic equivalents). Using an isotemporal substitution approach, we applied multiple logistic regression analysis to demonstrate the association between cognitive function and replacing 30 min/day of sedentary behavior with an equal period of light physical activity. Covariates included age, education and the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale. Results: Our findings showed that in men, replacing 30 min of sedentary behavior per day with light physical activity was associated with a 1.47-fold increase in the odds of maintaining cognitive function. An association between physical activity and cognitive function was not observed in female participants. Conclusions: Our results indicate that substituting sedentary behavior with light physical activity could be helpful in maintaining cognitive function in community-dwelling oldest old men. These results highlight the importance of behavioral changes to promote cognition. Geriatr Gerontol Int ••; ••: ••–•• Geriatr Gerontol Int 2020; ••: ••–••.

  • 苦難の人生の中で、うつ状態が慢性化した症例に対する日記療法: 外来森田療法のアプローチ

    山市大輔, 樋之口潤一, 新村秀人

    精神療法 (金剛出版)  46 ( 3 ) 81 - 88 2020.06

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Except for reviews,  ISSN  0916-8710

  • 強迫症状により長期にひきこもり状態を呈していた青年の症例:外来森田療法のアプローチ


    精神療法 (金剛出版)  46 ( 2 ) 95 - 102 2020.04

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Except for reviews,  ISSN  0916-8710

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Papers, etc., Registered in KOARA 【 Display / hide

Reviews, Commentaries, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • Social cognition and metacognition contribute to accuracy for self-evaluation of real-world functioning in patients with schizophrenia

    Nishida K., Toyomaki A., Koshikawa Y., Niimura H., Morimoto T., Tani M., Inada K., Ninomiya T., Hori H., Manabe J., Katsuki A., Kubo T., Shirahama M., Kohno K., Kinoshita T., Kusumi I., Iwanami A., Ueno T., Kishimoto T., Terao T., Nakagome K., Sumiyoshi T.

    Schizophrenia Research (Schizophrenia Research)  202   426 - 428 2018.12

    ISSN  09209964

  • 統合失調症および他の精神病性障害

    Niimura Hidehito

    日本臨床 老年医学(下) (日本臨床社)  76 ( 増刊7 ) 98 - 102 2018.08

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal), Single Work,  ISSN  0047-1852

  • 統合失調症患者の高齢化に関する問題

    Niimura Hidehito

    日本老年精神医学会雑誌 (日本老年精神医学会)  28 ( 8 ) 873 - 878 2017.08

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal), Single Work

Presentations 【 Display / hide

  • 森田療法と抗うつ薬の戦略的組み合わせによる強迫症治療:「不安を取り除かず, 不安を持ちこたえる」


    第116回日本精神神経学会学術総会 (仙台) , 2020.09, Oral Presentation(general), 日本精神神経学会

  • 森田正馬の人間観: 我を離れて, 我を発揮する


    第116回日本精神神経学会学術総会 (仙台) , 2020.09, Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (public offering), 日本精神神経学会

  • 超高齢者の「生きる」と心理社会的特性


    第22回日本老年行動科学会 (大阪) , 2019.11, Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (public offering), 日本老年行動学会

  • Aging effects on the physical and cognitive functions, and subjective sense of well-being in elderly: patients with severe mental illness living in the community

    H. Niimura

    Asian college of Neuropsychiatry: AsCNP (Fukuoka, Japan) , 2019.10, Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (public offering)

  • めまい・耳鳴などの身体症状症に対する精神療法的アプローチ:身体科Drが使えるやさしい森田療法


    第37回日本森田療法学会 (浜松) , 2019.10, Oral Presentation(general), 日本森田療法学会

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Research Projects of Competitive Funds, etc. 【 Display / hide

  • 医学・看護学・心理学・運動生理学・経済学から挑む 90+超高齢者コホート研究


    文部科学省/独立行政法人日本学術振興会, 術研究助成基金助成金/科学研究費補助金, 新村秀人, 挑戦的研究(萌芽), Research grant, Principal Investigator

  • 高齢精神障害者のサクセスフル・エイジング達成のための心理社会的特性の解明


    Principal Investigator

  • 社会機能的転帰評価尺度SLOF(Specific Levels of Functioning Scale; 特定機能レベル評価尺度)日本語版の妥当性検討に関する研究


    国立精神神経医学研究センター, Joint research, Co-investigator

  • 地域生活する統合失調症者のサクセスフル・エイジング


    Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Research grant

Awards 【 Display / hide

  • 日本社会精神医学会優秀発表賞

    Niimura Hidehito, 2009.02, 日本社会精神医学会, 精神障害者のサクセスフル・エイジング ー向老意識と老後への準備行動の検討

    Type of Award: Awards of National Conference, Council and Symposium


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Courses Previously Taught 【 Display / hide

  • 精神科リハビリテーションと社会精神医学

    Keio University, 2014, Autumn Semester, Major subject, Lecture, 120people

  • 精神科リハビリテーションと社会精神医学

    Keio University, 2005, Autumn Semester, Major subject, Lecture, 120people

  • 精神科リハビリテーションと社会精神医学

    Keio University, 2005, Autumn Semester, Major subject, Lecture, 120people


Memberships in Academic Societies 【 Display / hide

  • 日本社会精神医学会

  • 日本老年精神医学会

  • 日本精神保健・予防学会

  • 日本森田療法学会

  • 日本ポジティブサイコロジー医学会


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Committee Experiences 【 Display / hide

  • 2020.05

    理事, 日本森田療法学会

  • 2020.04

    選挙管理委員会, 日本精神神経学会

  • 2020.04

    理事, 日本社会精神医学会

  • 2019.04

    広報委員会, 日本社会精神医学会

  • 2017.04

    相模原事件特別委員会, 日本社会精神医学会

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