Nakamura, Masaru



School of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Gynecology) (Shinanomachi)


Assistant Professor/Senior Assistant Professor

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  • School of Medicine, School of Medicine, 助教

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  • 2001.03

    慶應義塾大学, 医学部

    University, Graduated

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  • 博士(医学), Keio University, Dissertation


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  • Obstetrics and gynecology

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  • 婦人科腫瘍, 



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  • 産婦人科 研修ノート 第2版 第1章 臨床医がマスターすべきこと C 検査 4.腫瘍マーカー

    高松潔,仲村勝, 診断と治療社, 2014.04

  • 婦人科癌診療Q&A 一つ上を行く診療の実践 I. 子宮頸癌 D.診断 Narrow Band Imagingは診断に有用ですか?

    藤井多久磨,仲村勝, 中外医学社, 2014.04

  • 婦人科癌診療Q&A 一つ上を行く診療の実践 I.子宮頸癌 F.治療各論:手術 神経温存手術のコツについて教えてください

    仲村勝,高松潔, 中外医学社, 2014.04

  • OGS NOW 1 開腹・閉腹と付属器手術 基本手技の完全マスター

    藤井多久磨,仲村勝,青木大輔, メジカルビュー社, 2010.02

  • 3D立体画像から学ぶ 骨盤臨床解剖学-婦人科手術の理解のために

    藤井多久磨,仲村勝,青木大輔, メタコーポレーションジャパン, 2010

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Papers 【 Display / hide

  • A Clinical Trial to Verify the Efficiency of the LC-1000 Exfoliative Cell Analyzer as a New Method of Cervical Cancer Screening

    Nakamura M., Ueda M., Iwata T., Kiguchi K., Mikami Y., Kakuma T., Aoki D.

    Acta Cytologica (Acta Cytologica)  63 ( 5 ) 391 - 400 2019.08

    ISSN  00015547

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    © 2019 S. Karger AG, Basel. All rights reserved. Objective: The exfoliative cell analyzer, LC-1000 (Sysmex Corporation, Japan), is a medical device that presents the cell proliferation index and 23 research parameters as indicators of cellular proliferative potential. The objective was to evaluate the clinical usability of qualitative assessment by LC-1000 compared with cytology, the human papillomavirus (HPV) test, and histology as gold standard. Study Design: Women that visited 3 sites between July 2015 and March 2017 were registered. The primary endpoint in this study was the comparison between LC-1000 measurement and HPV test for sensitivity and specificity for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2+ (CIN2+). A tree model algorithm was newly constructed by a statistical method and its relationship with histological results was evaluated. Results: The sensitivity and specificity of LC-1000 were 78.3 and 74.1%, while those of the HPV test were 94.7 and 85.4%, respectively. A tree model comprising five categories was constructed. The proportion of advanced lesions was higher with the change in the rank classification results from 1 to 5. The positive predictive values of CIN2+ in the categories 4 and 5 were high. Despite the small number of subjects, cancer was undetected in categories 1 and 2. In addition, the comparison with follow-up results in 19 women assessed as CIN1 showed that the rate of progression in the categories 3-5 was 50% (7/14); progression in the categories 1 and 2 was 0% (0/5). Conclusions: LC-1000 may be useful for cervical cancer screening as an index to qualitatively evaluate CIN and cancer based on the changes in characteristics of cells.

  • Local anatomy around terminal ureter related to the anterior leaf of the vesicouterine ligament in radical hysterectomy

    Nakamura M., Tanaka K., Hayashi S., Morisada T., Iwata T., Imanishi N., Aoki D.

    European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology (European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology)  235   66 - 70 2019.04

    ISSN  03012115

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    © 2019 Elsevier B.V. Objectives: Radical hysterectomy is performed for invasive cervical cancer. In this surgery, separation of the anterior leaf and posterior leaves of the vesicouterine ligament (VUL) is important. We studied the local anatomy of the anterior leaf of the VUL, especially the branches of the umbilical artery from the view point of surgery and cadaver dissection. Study Design: We observed the cervicovesical blood vessels and the connective tissue layer continued from umbilical artery and searched for the origin of the cervicovesical blood vessels in radical hysterectomy. We also dissected a formalin-fixed female cadaver, and observed the same points. Results: After separation of the connective tissue of urinary bladder from the cervical fascia, we could discern the outline of the distal ureter near the ureterovesical junction. We separate the connective tissue of the so-called anterior leaf of the VUL enwrapping the ureter gently, and then the ureter with the connective tissue is completely rolled out laterally. We identified a cervicovesical vessel crossing over the ureter. We looked for the central side of the cervicovesical vessel and found that cervicovesical vessel was a branch of the superior vesical artery. And, during cadaver dissection, we found that the connective tissue and the branches of the superior vesical artery were similarly observed. Conclusions: We found the precise anatomy of the connective tissue layer from umbilical artery to urinary bladder and the superior vesical artery. Our procedure based on the precise anatomy obtained in this study is reasonable anatomically as a method for separation of the vesicouterine ligament during radical hysterectomy.

  • Transcription factor homeobox D9 is involved in the malignant phenotype of cervical cancer through direct binding to the human papillomavirus oncogene promoter

    Hirao N., Iwata T., Tanaka K., Nishio H., Nakamura M., Morisada T., Morii K., Maruyama N., Katoh Y., Yaguchi T., Ohta S., Kukimoto I., Aoki D., Kawakami Y.

    Gynecologic Oncology (Gynecologic Oncology)   2019

    ISSN  00908258

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    © 2019 Elsevier Inc. Objective: To determine the involvement of homeobox D9 (HOXD9) in the survival, proliferation, and metastasis of cervical cancer cells through regulating the expression of human papillomavirus (HPV) 16 E6/E7 genes using the P97 promoter. Methods: One hundred cases of cervical cancer (CC), CC cell lines SKG-I, SKG-II, SKG-IIIa, SKG-IIIb, HeLa, and SiHa, and a human tumor xenograft mouse model were used to examine the roles of HOXD9 in CC. Knockdown experiments employed RNA interference of HOXD9. qPCR, functional assays, western blotting, DNA microarray, and luciferase and ChIP assays were applied for assessments. Results: All CC cell lines expressed HOXD9 mRNA and protein. In uterine CC, HOXD9 gene expression was significantly higher than in normal cervical tissues. A positive correlation of lymphovascular space invasion and lymph node metastasis with high levels of HOXD9 expression was found in patient samples. HOXD9-knockdown cells in the mouse xenograft model only formed small or no tumors. Knockdown of HOXD9 markedly reduced CC cell proliferation, migration and invasion, induced apoptosis, increased P53 protein expression, and suppressed HPV E6/E7 expression by directly binding to the P97 promoter of HPV16 E6/E7 genes. A positive correlation between HOXD9 and HPV16 E6 expression was found in CC patients. Conclusions: HOXD9 promotes HPV16 E6 and E7 expression by direct binding to the P97 promoter, which enhances proliferation, migration, and metastasis of CCr cells. Our results suggest that HOXD9 could be a prognostic biomarker and potential therapeutic target in CC.

  • 子宮頸管ポリープが発見の契機となった子宮頸部大細胞神経内分泌癌(LCNEC)の一例

    布施 由紀子, 仲村 勝, 栗原 朋子, 宮田 あかね, 吉丸 真澄, 宮崎 薫, 小川 真里子, 吉田 丈児, 高松 潔

    千葉県産科婦人科医学会雑誌 8 ( 2 ) 143 - 146 2015.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work, Accepted

  • 妊娠高血圧症候群による緊急帝王切開術後に周産期心筋症を発症した一例

    栗原 朋子, 宮崎 薫, 布施 由紀子, 宮田 あかね, 吉丸 真澄, 仲村 勝, 小川 真里子, 吉田 丈児, 高松 潔

    千葉県産科婦人科医学会雑誌 8 ( 2 ) 139 - 142 2015.01

    Research paper (scientific journal), Joint Work

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  • 【婦人科手術における看護の役割】 婦人科領域における開腹・腟式手術の主な術式


    手術看護エキスパート 8 ( 6 ) 48 - 53 2015.03

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine), Joint Work

  • 【産婦人科処方のすべて-すぐに使える実践ガイド】 婦人科編 腫瘍 婦人科がんへの漢方療法

    高松 潔, 仲村 勝, 小川 真里子

    臨床婦人科産科 68 ( 4 ) 235 - 239 2014.04

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine), Joint Work

  • イラストでみる産婦人科診療(第16回) 手術に役立つ骨盤臨床解剖 膀胱側腔、直腸側腔、リンパ節編


    産科と婦人科 80 ( 7 ) 829 - 835 2013.07

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine), Joint Work

  • イラストでみる産婦人科診療(第5回) 手術に役立つ骨盤臨床解剖 神経、尿管編


    産科と婦人科 79 ( 8 ) 939 - 945 2012.08

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine), Joint Work

  • イラストでみる産婦人科診療(第4回) 手術に役立つ骨盤臨床解剖 血管編


    産科と婦人科 79 ( 7 ) 813 - 819 2012.07

    Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine), Joint Work

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  • 子宮頸癌における広汎子宮全摘出術後の再発高危険群に対する術後補助療法の検討

    西尾 浩, 田中 京子, 村山 真治, 宮内 安澄, 仲村 勝, 森定 徹, 岩田 卓, 田中 守, 青木 大輔

    第128回関東連合産科婦人科学会学術集会, 2015.10, Oral Presentation(general)

  • 安全な鏡視下手術に役立つ拡大視観察を意識した臨床解剖教育アプリケーション開発の試み


    第25回骨盤外科機能温存研究会 (米子) , 2015.06, Oral Presentation(general)

  • 同時化学放射線療法を施行した子宮頸癌の再発を予測する新規バイオマーカーの開発 局所免疫の関与

    村山 真治, 岩田 卓, 宮内 安澄, 菅 裕佳子, 西尾 浩, 仲村 勝, 森定 徹, 田中 京子, 田中 守, 青木 大輔

    2015.04, Oral Presentation(general)

  • コルポ新分類にも対応した分かりやすいコルポスコピー解説


    第135回東海産科婦人科学会 (名古屋) , 2015.02, Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others

  • ヒト精子頭部空胞の簡易染色

    兼子 智, 小川 真里子, 仲村 勝, 宮田 あかね, 宮崎 薫, 吉丸 真澄, 吉田 丈児, 高松 潔

    第59回日本生殖医学会学術講演会, 2014.12, Oral Presentation(general)

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  • eye tracking for surgical education


    MEXT,JSPS, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, 仲村 勝, Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), Principal Investigator

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    In recent years, the ratio of laparoscopic surgery is increasing, and the opportunities for residents to experience open surgery is decreasing. In order to make it useful for the education of open surgery, we plan to perform image analysis in gynecologic open surgery using the eye tracking technique in this study. We analyzed the movements of the viewpoints of the experts and expected to be able to extract problems characteristic of the practitioner, but analysis of gaze points for moving images was more difficult than expected. And this study expanded the scope of research to images related to gynecology. Specifically, images obtained by colposcopy examination for observation of cervical lesions in gynecology were examined. The diagnosis of colposcopy is influenced by the skill of the enforcer. Although no obvious significant difference was observed, even minor abnormal lesions were distinguished by experts. Observation such as "boundary of lesion" was insufficient in practitioners.


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