中島 振一郎 
ナカジマ シンイチロウ 
NAKAJIMA Shinichiro 

The effects of cortical hypometabolism and hippocampal atrophy on clinical trajectories in mild cognitive impairment with suspected non-Alzheimer's pathology: A brief report.  中島 振一郎  J Alzheimers Dis.  2017 
Baseline predictors of antipsychotic treatment continuation and response at week 8 in patients with Alzheimer’s disease with psychosis or aggressive symptoms: an analysis of the CATIE-AD Study  中島 振一郎  2017 
Intranasal oxytocin does not modulate jumping to conclusions in schizophrenia: Potential interactions with caudate volume and baseline social functioning.  中島 振一郎  Psychoneuroendocrinology  2017 
Impaired Illness Awareness as a Predictor of Conversion from MCI to AD and a Function of Reduced Brain Metabolism: An ADNI study.  中島 振一郎  J Clin Psychiatry  2017 
Treatment resistant schizophrenia: Treatment Response and Resistance in Psychosis (TRRIP) working group consensus guidelines on diagnosis and terminology.  中島 振一郎  American Journal of Psychiatry  2017 

慶應義塾大学医学部三四会奨励賞  2016 
SOBP's best poster award (As a Co-Investigator of Mr. Jun Ku Chung)  2016 
University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry’s Travel Award  2016 
Schizophrenia International Research Society Conference’s travel award  2016 
WPA (World Psychiatric Association) International Congress 2015’s Young Psychiatrist Award  2015