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日本電信電話株式会社  1987/04-2004/03 
NTTコミュニケーションズ  2004/04-2008/03 
現職  2004/04-現在 

名古屋大学  工学部  航空学科  1985  卒業  名古屋 
東京大学  工学系研究科  航空学  修士  1987  修了  東京 

工学博士  東京大学  1996 

第73期(1995) 優秀講演表彰  1995 



ネットワーク型無線タグシステムの情報システムアーキテクチャ  無線タグを利用してモノに関する情報管理を行う基盤情報システムの設計、性能評価に関する研究 

ネットワークRFID  産学連携等、民間を含む他機関等との共同研究を希望  共同研究 
ワイヤレスセンサーネットワーク  産学連携等、民間を含む他機関等との共同研究を希望  共同研究 

電波伝搬特徴量を用いたRFID読み取り空間フィルタの実現  補助金  JSPS  科学研究費補助金(文部科学省・日本学術振興会)  2016-2018 
センサLSIによるバッテリレス・ワイヤレス非同期ストリーム通信を実現するマルチサブキャリア多元接続方式の研究開発  補助金  総務省  戦略的情報通信研究開発推進制度  2015-2017 
統合失調症患者の服薬セルフモニタリングシステムの開発  受託研究  厚生労働省  厚生労働科学研究費補助金  2014-現在 
災害時支援物資供給機能を有する6次産業化コマース基盤の拡充による平時・災害時共用物資管理・配送プラットフォーム構築事業  受託研究  総務省 ICT街づくり推進事業  2013/12/20-2014/04/30 
自立給電型ワイヤレスセンサLSIを用いた実世界情報収集システムの研究  受託研究  科学研究費補助金(文部科学省・日本学術振興会)  2013/04/01-2017/03/31 

研究論文(国際会議プロシーディングス)  Monopulse Switching to Cancel Phase Offset in Aray Antenna Comprising Multiple COTS SDRs  Masato Miyazawa, Jin Mitsugi, Yusuke Kawakita, Haruhisa Ichikawa  IEEE RFID-TA 2016  2016 
研究論文(研究会,シンポジウム資料等)  Multi-Carrier Backscatter Communication System for Concurrent Wireless and Batteryless Sensing  Rajoria Nitish, Jin Mitsugi  6th International Conference on the Internet of Things, Doctoral Colloquium  2016 
研究論文(研究会,シンポジウム資料等)  A Multicode and Portable RFID Tag Events Emulator for RFID Information System  Iori Mizutani, Jin Mitsugi  The 6th International conference on internet of things  187-188  2016  https://doi.org/10.1145/2991561.2998470 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  Comparative Analysis on Channel Allocation Schemes in Multiple Subcarrier Passive Communication System  三次 仁  IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS  E98B/ 9, 1777-1784  2015/09  1745-1345  10.1587/transcom.E98.B.1777 
研究論文(国際会議プロシーディングス)  A Feasibility Study on Simultaneous Data Collection from Multiple Sensor RF Tags with Multiple Subcarriers  Yuki Igarashi,Yuki Sato,Yuusuke Kawakita, Haruhisa Ichikawa, Jin Mitsugi  IEEE RFID 2014  IEEE  2014 

Guest Editorial  IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering  2016/07/01 
Improvement in multiple access channel allocation for sensor node configuration based on RFID communication  RFID  2016/01/12  <p>Wireless sensors are expected to be low cost and to reduce their power consumption so that a large number of sensors can be installed for collecting real-world information. Passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) is proposed to assign communication channels to sensors that only send analog sensing signals for their multiple access control. In this method, the RFID reader-writer assigns channels to all sensors by writing channel numbers to the RFIDs attached to the sensors. We propose a method that more efficiently assigns a multiple access channel to the controlled sensor by using passive RFID. We determine the channel by using the electronic product code (EPC) of the RF tags. This approach results in a large reduction in the number of writes. However, it is shown that there is a tradeoff between the reduction in the number of writes and the total number of channels. In addition, our method has a tradeoff between the reduction in the number of writes and the spectral efficiency.</p> 
口頭発表(一般)  A method to assign spread codes based on passive RFID communication for energy harvesting wireless sensors using spread spectrum transmission  RFID-TA  2015 
口頭発表(一般)  A feasibility study of plug-in type RF tag localization system for handheld UHF RFID reader/writers  2015/10  <p>This paper proposes a plug-in type RF tag localization system, using an Angle of Arrival principle, in UHF RFID, particularly targeting handheld reader/writers. Being a plug-in type, the RF tag localization system is receive-only, incurring no radio license requirement, small in size and can be built at low cost. Our fundamental idea is to employ a newly developed short-range mono-pulse method for the RF tag direction detection enabled with affordable software defined radio device and an analog front end. In this paper, we report an experimental evaluation with a functional prototype primarily on the detecting accuracy. It is shown that we can achieve about 3 degree accuracy for RF tags at 7.3 m distance from a 4 W EIRP reader/writer. Because the measurement in the direction of boresight is more stable than the other directions, the direction accuracy can be improved when we feed back the direction detection to the orientation of handheld reader/writer. We also confirm this feature experimentally.</p> 
口頭発表(一般)  Boxcan  APCC  2015/10  <p>This paper introduces «Boxcan», an information retrieval platform for aggregated objects in ID-based object management system based on GS1 EPCglobal architecture framework. Boxcan platform receives an EPC of a container, then provides a tree structure of current parent-child relationship between the EPCs of the container and its inner objects. This paper proposes the system design of Boxcan platform and its applications. The proposed system design is evaluated with a field test of a practical object management system including Boxcan platform. A technical challenge to realize this function of Boxcan platform, fast retrieval of current parent-child relationship of EPCs from EPCIS, is also discussed in this paper. The effectiveness of the caching mechanism of EPC's current parent-child tree, which is a solution to this technical problem, is also evaluated by an experiment in a comparison with direct querying to EPCIS.</p> 

功労賞  2005 
優秀講演表彰  1995 

920MHz帯センター無線システムの周波数共用技術に関する調査研究会  2013/09-2014/03/31 
衛星通信技術の普及に関する検討会  2013/02-2013/03 
超高速衛星の技術力強化のための調査検討会  2011/09-2012/03 
920MHz電子タグ調査検討会  2011/07-2012/03 
GS1 EPCglobal  2010/04-2011/03 

電子情報通信学会  2011/04/01-現在 
日本機械学会  2005-現在 

IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering  Associate Editor  2015-現在 
衛星通信技術の普及に関する検討会  座長  2013/02-2013/03 
超高速衛星の技術力強化のための調査検討会  座長  2011/09-2012/03 
920MHz電子タグ調査検討会  構成員  2011/07-2012/03 
電子情報通信学会  USN研究会専門委員  2011/04/01-現在