Number of the published data : 3
No. Award Name Title of Work Awarded Date Awarded Description
1 ヤマハ最優秀発表賞

2 -ispo-TUM Academic Challenge Award 2003, Innovation in Sports Technology
Development of a tri-axial accelerometer and a tri-axial accelerometer with tri-axial gyroscope data logger for the swimming research and coaching
In order to observe underwater stroke motion in swimming, the author developed a tri-axial acceleration data logger (Prototype I) and a tri-axial acceleration/angular velocity data logger (Prototype II). Those sensor devices were attached on the wrist joint of the swimmers. Then we achieved the long term accelerometry in the swimming training using these devices. The obtained acceleration and angular velocity in swimming were indicated swimmer's stroke characteristics.
3 Young Investigator Award, Archimedes Award(若手奨励賞、アルキメデス賞)
Fatigue evaluation by using microcomputer-based acceleration data logger for swimming research