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北里大学 ,専任講師  1992/04-1995/03 
大学助手(文学部)  1997/04-2000/03 
大学文学部学習指導副主任  1999/10-2001/07 
学生総合センター学生部門委員(日吉)  2004/04-2006/03 
大学教授(文学部)  Faculty of Letters  Professor  2011/04-現在 

慶應義塾大学  文学部  1982/03/31  卒業 
慶應義塾大学  文学研究科  修士  1984/03/31  修了 
カリフォルニア州立大学ロサンゼルス校  Folklore and Mythology Program  Folklore and Mythology  修士  1990/03/31  修了  ロサンゼルス、アメリカ 
慶應義塾大学  文学研究科  博士  1992/03/31  単位取得退学 

アーサー王物語研究 源流から現代まで  辺見 葉子  pp. 285-323  中央大学出版部  2016/03/01  978-4-8057-5346-0 
『中世主義を超えて イギリス中世の発明と受容』  辺見 葉子  1ー26  慶應義塾大学出版会  2009/03/21  978-4-7664-1595-7 
『中世イギリス文学入門—研究と文献案内』  辺見 葉子  267–79, 293–94, 296, 298–30, 304–05, 307–08  雄松堂出版  2008/12/10  978-4-8419-0490-1 
『ユートピアの文学世界』  辺見 葉子  159 – 180  慶應義塾大学出版会  2008/06/20  974-4-7664-1476-9 
比較神話学の鳥瞰図  辺見 葉子  156-174  大和書房  2005/12/15  4-479-84066-4  中世アイルランド文学に登場する竪琴弾きが奏でる、聴き手を心身ともに呪縛する「三つの旋律」、中でも「眠りの旋律」が扱われている作品を分析し、その呪詛性を探り、死の危険を孕む眠りの意味するところを考察する。 

研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  ‘Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and His Concept of Native Language: Sindarin and British-Welsh’  辺見 葉子  Tolkien Studies  West Virginia University Press  7, 147~174  2010/08  1547-3155 
研究論文(国際会議プロシーディングス)  単著  Tolkienesque Transformations: Post-Celticism and Possessiveness in "The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun"  辺見 葉子  The Return of the Ring: Proceedings of the Tolkien Society Conference 2012, vol.2  Luna Press  3-14  2016 
単著  The Marvels of the Forest of Brocéliande in a Colonial Context: Chrétien de Troyes and Wace  辺見 葉子  Voix des Mythes, Science des Civilisations  Peter Lang  179-193  2012 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  「ケルト」神話とファンタジー  辺見 葉子  言語  大修館書店  35/ 6, 29-37  2006/06/15  0287-1696 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  単著  よくわかる『指輪物語』-「伝承」と「神話」のはざま  辺見 葉子  三色旗  慶應義塾大学通信教育部  693, 14-25  2005/12/15 

口頭発表(一般)  A Looming Luminary: Kenneth Jackson’s invisible presence in Tolkien’s ‘English and Welsh’ lecture  48th International Congress on Medieval Studies  2013/05/09 
口頭発表(一般)  Tolkienesque Transformations: Post-Celticism and Possessiveness in ‘The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun’  The Return of the Ring (Tolkien Society Conference)  2012/08/19 
口頭発表(一般)  Dunlendish and Sindarin: Tolkien's Diptych of British-Welsh  International Congress on Medieval Studies  2011/05/12  Tolkien produced a unique theory of British-Welsh as representing the “native language” or the “native linguistic potential” of many of the English, including himself, who lived in Britain. Tolkien’s predilection for British-Welsh is therefore connected, if indirectly, to the Romantic Nationalism which he revealed in a famous letter addressed to Milton Waldman. In the letter, Tolkien confided his ambition to create “a body of more or less connected legend” which he could dedicate to “England: to my country.” Tolkien, who valued British-Welsh greatly on account of its historicity and “linguistic aesthetic,” not only modeled one of his invented languages, Sindarin, on British-Welsh so as to reflect his “linguistic aesthetic,” but also presented it as ancient, indigenous, and predominant, that is, as historically analogous to the British language before the arrival of English.  Conversely, Tolkien employed words of British-Welsh origin to represent traces of Dunlendish, which survived in the language of the Stoors and the Bree-men. Tolkien thus invited comparison between Dunlendish and the historical Celtic language in Britain, elements of which survived in England in a similar manner. However, whereas Sindarin is depicted as a euphonic and noble language by Tolkien, he has Dunlendish, one of the languages of the wild men, sounding like “the scream of birds and the bellowing of beasts” to the ears of Éomer – possibly projecting onto his Secondary World the colonial attitude of the politically dominant English people towards the ancient but minor British language. Tolkien himself is known to have been opposed to the “misuse of British,” which deprived “the Welsh of their claim to be the chief inheritors of the title British,” while simultaneously rejecting romantic Celticism. This paper examines Tolkien’s intriguing use of British-Welsh for both Dunlendish and Sindarin, which seems to form a diptych mirroring his linguistic messages concerning British-Welsh. 
シンポジウム・ワークショップ パネル(指名)  Tolkien in International Higher Education <Japan>  The Return of the Ring (Tolkien Society Conference)  2012/08/18 
口頭発表(一般)  Tolkien’s Concept of ‘Native Language’ and the ‘English and Welsh’ Papers at the Bodleian Library  51st International Congress of Medieval Studies  2016/05/13 


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