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university of south florida, visiting professor  1983/08-1985/07 
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工学   慶應義塾大学  1983/03/31 

Designing IoT devices using Flash Microcontrollers (English Edition)  武藤 佳恭  Amazon  2017  I wrote this book entitled "Designing Intelligent Electronic Toys Using Flash Microcontrollers" in 2005. Unfortunately, the book has never been published. Therefore, this book had been a phantom book. This renamed book is still useful in IoT era. This book highlights three projects: banner badge, 8-queen neural network (8-bit microcontroller solves 8-queen problems based on neural network), and artificial retina camera (this is the world-first camera for mobile phones). This book is intended for practitioners or novice/professional readers who are interested in designing, developing, and building intelligent electronic gadgets or ubiquitous toys using flash microcontrollers. Two microcontrollers are mainly introduced and used through this book: ATMEL and CYGNAL microcontrollers. A variety of applications using networking devices, sensors, and actuators with microcontollers are detailed by using many circuit diagrams, software source programs, and figures for practitioners. This introductory book can be used as the text or one of the references in high schools or universities for building embedded ubiquitous or wearable computers. 
GPU parallel computing for machine learning in Python: how to build a parallel computer  武藤 佳恭  Amazon  2017  This book illustrates how to build a GPU parallel computer. If you don't want to waste your time for building, you can buy a built-in-GPU desktop/laptop machine. All you need to do is to install GPU-enabled software for parallel computing. The GPU parallel computer is suitable for machine learning, deep (neural network) learning. Two operating system examples including Ubuntu16.04 and Windows 10 system will be described. This book shows how to install CUDA and cudnnlib in two operating systems. Three frameworks including pytorch, keras, and chainer for machine learning on CUDA and cudnnlib will be introduced. Matching problems between operating system (Ubuntu, Windows 10), library (CUDA, cudnnlib), and machine learning framework (pytorch, keras, chainer) are discussed. 
体験する ! ! オープンソースハードウェア: NanoPi NEO, Arduino他で楽しむ IoT 設計  武藤 佳恭  近代科学社  2017  安価なハードウェアでIoT設計!! 本書は,安価なハードウェア(Arduino,NanoPi NEOや,ドローンの制御センサー他)を駆使したIoT設計で,2Dレーザー彫刻,LPWAN通信,気象観測,機械学習,自動情報収集など,様々なIoTデバイス設計・製作に挑戦する! 電子回路の基礎を体験的に学べるようになっているので,中・上級者はもちろん,初心者でも体験的に実践することができる. Arduino,NanoPi NEOなどでIoT設計に挑戦する読者には、必携の指南書である. 
超実践 アンサンブル機械学習  武藤 佳恭  近代科学社  2016  本書は、ポスト深層学習の最右翼として注目される「アンサンブル機械学習」を、具体的にプログラムを動かしながら概観できる“超実践"の書です。 アンサンブル機械学習とは簡単に言えば、従来のいくつかの機械学習の“良いとこ取り"をした計算手法です。本書では、その主な要素である「ランダムフォーレスト」、「ブースティング」、「バギング」などについて簡潔に紹介しました。 「とにかく使ってみたい! 」という読者にはうってつけの、まさに“超実践の必読書"と言えます。 
Big Data Analysis using ensemble machine learning of scikit-learn in Python (English Edition) Kindle版  武藤 佳恭  Amazon kindle  2015  This book illustrates how to implement ensemble machine learning programs in Python using scikit-learn which is one of the best open source machine learning libraries for businessman or businesswoman. This book is suitable to the interested layman who would like to analyze big data without serious programming in Python. Three examples are illustrated how to use ensemble machine learning for big data analysis. In the first example, rules between poker hands (five cards) and their rankings can be trained using ensemble machine learning. In the second example, the conventional multiple regression method is compared with the ensemble machine learning by using ice cream sales with data of the daily high temperature and the number of passers-by. In the last example, Artificial wine sommelier is built by red wine quality data. The illustrated ensemble machine learning includes AdaBoost, Bagging, ExtraTrees, GradientBoosting, and RandomForest. The grid-search example is introduced for parameter tuning. 

Automated reasoning, self-organization, and optimization should be added in AI Glossary  武藤 佳恭  Science (eLetter, August 4 2017) http://science.sciencemag.org/content/357/6346/19/tab-e-letters  2017 
Open source software is indeed based on modularity and abstraction  武藤 佳恭  science (eLetter, July 24 2017) http://science.sciencemag.org/content/357/6347/128/tab-e-letters  2017 
Reproducibility is a key for real peer-reviewed evaluations  武藤 佳恭  science (eLetter, July 21 2017) http://science.sciencemag.org/content/357/6348/256/tab-e-letters  2017 
GPU and open source software play a key role for advancing deep learning  武藤 佳恭  science (eLetter, July 20 2017) http://science.sciencemag.org/content/357/6346/16/tab-e-letters  2017 
Embedded security is needed in BMI devices  武藤 佳恭  science (eLetter, July 20 2017) http://science.sciencemag.org/content/356/6345/1338/tab-e-letters  2017 

国際協力機構 第一回JICA理事長賞  2004 
JNSA賞佳作  2003/10/22  国家のサーバーセキュリティ向上には何をすべきであるか、を提案したことによる。 
米国空軍科学研究所special research award(特別研究賞)  2003/09/30  OSに依存せず、セキュリティホールを埋めることなく、Driverwareをベースに、根本的なウィルス防御の手法を提案し、そのプロトタイプを示したことによる。 
米国オレゴン州ポートランド市rosarian  2001 
日本消化器関連学会 感謝状  2001 

通産省マルチメディアコンテンツ産業調査研究会 国の委員会 
通産省・セキュリティWG 国の委員会 
通産省softwareCALS 国の委員会 
シンガポール政府 国の委員会 
SriLanka government IT strategy  2002/04-現在 

J. of neural network computing 
J. on computational intelligence and applications  2001/03-現在 
J. of multimedia tools and applications  2000/09-現在 

Neurocomputing  guest editor 
通産省マルチメディアコンテンツ産業調査研究会 国の委員会  委員 
通産省・セキュリティWG 国の委員会  座長 
通産省softwareCALS 国の委員会  幹事 
J. of neural network computing  editor 

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