Faculty of Pharmacy 
Department of Pharmacy 

顔写真 Professor 
ARITA Makoto 

Year of Birth:1970  

The University of Tokyo  Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Assistant Professor  1997/04/01-2000/06/30 
Harvard Medical School  Postdoctoral Fellow  2000/07/01-2003/06/30 
Harvard Medical School  Instructor  2003/07/01-2006/09/30 
JST  PRESTO  Researcher  2006/10/01-2007/03/31 
The University of Tokyo  Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Associate Professor  2007/04/01-2014/03/31 
RIKEN  Center for Integrative Medical Sciences  Team Leader  2014/04/01-Present 
Yokohama City University  Graduate School of Medical Life Science  Visiting Professor  2014/04/01-Present 
Keio University  Faculty of Pharmacy  Professor  2016/06/01-Present 

Academic Background
The University of Tokyo  Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences  1992/03/31  Graduated 
The University of Tokyo  Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Master's course  1994/03/31  Completed 
The University of Tokyo  Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences  Doctoral course  1997/03/31  Completed 

Academic Awards
Young Investigator Award: 9th International Conference of Eicosanoids other Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation & Related Diseases (San Francisco)  2005 
Young Scientists' Prize of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan  2009 
日本脂質栄養学会ランズ賞学術賞  2016 
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Profile Summary
Lipids are recognized as extremely diverse molecules. Precise determination of molecular lipid species becomes a prerequisite not only to understand their biological functions in physiology and disease, but also to discover novel bioactive lipids that may link between lipid metabolisms and biological phenotypes. A powerful method for the analysis of lipids is liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS).
Our research is aimed at elucidating structure and function of endogenous lipid mediators that regulate inflammation and tissue homeostasis. Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA)-derived mediators are formed by enzymatic oxidation through the action of cyclooxygenases (COX), lipoxygenases (LOX), and cytochrome P450 monooxygenases (CYP). By using LC-MS/MS-based lipidomics, we provided new insights into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of inflammatory resolution, especially the functional roles of 12/15-LOX-expressing eosinophils and macrophages in controlling the resolution of inflammation.
Also our research is focused on understanding omega-3 PUFA’s function using genetic and lipidomic approaches, and has identified novel metabolic pathway and bioactive metabolites that may link to omega-3 PUFA’s anti-inflammatory actions. These endogenous mediators with potent anti-inflammatory property could lead to the development of novel therapeutics for disease when sustained inflammation is suspected as key components of pathogenesis.
Also we put a lot of efforts into development and application of target and non-target multi-lipidomics platform to discover novel link between lipid metabolism and biological phenotypes. 

Research Areas
Molecular biology 
Functional biochemistry 
Biological pharmacy 
General medical chemistry 

Research Keywords
Lipid Biochemistry 
Regulation of Inflammation 
Bioactive molecules 

Research Themes
Genetic and lipidomic approach to understand anti-inflammatory property of omega-3 PUFAs  2000/07/01-Present 
Mediator lipidomics in acute inflammation and resolution  2006/10/01-Present 
Development and application of target and non-target multi-lipidomics platform  2014/04/01-Present 
Quality of lipids in biological systems  2015/07/01-Present 

Funded Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds, etc.)
「リポクオリティ」領域研究の国際連携  Research grant  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research  2015/11/06-2020/03/31 
脂肪酸クオリティの最先端リピドミクスと生理的意義の解明  Research grant  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research  2015/06/29-2020/03/31 
「リポクオリティ」領域研究の推進  Research grant  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research  2015/06/29-2020/03/31 
脂質代謝バランス異常を伴う疾患の病態解明と創薬に向けた基盤研究  Research grant  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research  2015/04/01-2018/03/31 
「脂質マシナリー」領域研究の推進  Research grant  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research  2010-2015 
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Research Achievements (Books)
実験医学増刊:脂質クオリティ -生命機能と健康を支える脂質の多様性-(有田誠/編)  編集、序、概論、第1章-1  羊土社  2018 
Chronic Inflammation, Mechanisms and Regulation (Miyasaka M, Takatsu K, eds.)  Arita M  Chapter 7: Lipid signals in the resolution of inflammation.  Springer  2016 
ヒトマイクロバイオーム研究最前線  磯部洋輔、池田和貴、有田誠  リピドミクス解析  NTS  2016 
脂質代謝異常と関連疾患(下巻)  加藤大雅、有田誠  第5章 第9節:炎症収束性脂質メディエーター  Life-Science Information Center  2015 
Bioactive Lipid Mediator (Yokomizo T, Murakami M, eds.)  Isobe Y, *Arita M  Chapter 11: Omega-3 fatty acid metabolism and regulation of inflammation  Springer  2015 
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Research Achievements (Original Articles and Commentaries)
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Joint  Reelin deficiency leads to aberrant lipid composition in mouse brain.  Mizukami T, Ikeda K, Shimanaka Y, Korogi K, Zhou C, Takase H, Tsuiji H, Kono N, Kohno T, Arai H, Arita M, *Hattori M.  Biochem Biophys Res Commun  505, 81-86  2018  10.1016/j.bbrc.2018.09.089 
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Joint  MS-based lipidomics of human blood plasma – a community-initiated position paper to develop accepted guidelines.  Burla B, Arita M, Arita M, Bendt AK, Cazenave-Gassiot A, Dennis EA, Ekroos K, Han X, Ikeda K, Liebisch G, Lin MK, Loh TP, Meikle PJ, Oresic M, Quehenberger O, Shevchenko A, Torta F, Wakelam MJO, Wheelock CE, *Wenk MR  J Lipid Res  59, 2001-2017  2018  10.1194/jlr.S087163 
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Joint  Thromboxane A2 facilitates IL-17A production from Vγ4+ γδT cells and promotes psoriatic dermatitis in mice.  1. Ueharaguchi Y, *Honda T, Kusuba N, Hanakawa S, Adachi A, Sawada Y, Otsuka A, Kitoh A, Dainichi T, Egawa G, Nakashima C, Nakajima S, Murata T, Ono S, Arita M, Narumiya S, Miyachi Y, Kabashima K.  J Allergy Clin Immunol  142, 680-683  2018  10.1016/j.jaci.2018.01.054 
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Joint  17,18-EpETE-GPR40 axis ameliorates contact hypersensitivity by inhibiting neutrophil mobility in mice and cynomolgus macaques.  Nagatake T, Shiogama Y, Inoue A, Kikuta J, Honda T, Tiwari P, Kishi T, Yanagisawa A, Isobe Y, Matsumoto N, Shimojou M, Morimoto S, Suzuki H, Hirata S, Steneberg P, Edlund H, Aoki J, Arita M, Kiyono H, Yasutomi Y, Ishii M, Kabashima K, *Kunisawa J.  J Allergy Clin Immunol  142, 470-484  2018  10.1016/j.jaci.2017.09.053 
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Joint  Facile determination of sphingolipids under alkali condition using metal-free column by LC-MS/MS.  Gowda SG, Ikeda K, *Arita M.  Anal Bioanal Chem  410, 4793-4803  2018  10.1007/s00216-018-1116-5. 
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Research Achievements (Oral/Poster Presentations)
Oral presentation (invited/special)  The importance of LipoQuality in biological systems  JSPS中国同窓会湖北支部会セミナー  2018/11/07 
Oral presentation (invited/special)  Genetics and lipidomics of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid biology  The 3rd International Symposium on Lipids Science and Health  2018/11/05 
Oral presentation(keynote)  The importance of LipoQuality in biological systems (Plenary Lecture)  8th Mind-Body Interface International Symposium  2018/10/26 
Oral presentation (invited/special)  リピドミクス新技術による機能性脂質の探索研究  BioJapan2018  2018/10/10 
Oral presentation (invited/special)  リポクオリティと脂質栄養(教育講演)  第40回日本臨床栄養学会総会  2018/10/07 
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