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研究論文(学術雑誌)  共著  NLR Nod1 signaling promotes survival of BCR-engaged mature B cells through up-regulated Nod1 as a positive outcome.  市川 大樹  J Exp Med.  2017/09/06  10.1084/jem.20170497 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  共著  A novel phenylphthalimide derivative, pegylated TC11, improves pharmacokinetic properties and induces apoptosis of high-risk myeloma cells via G2/M cell-cycle arrest.  市川 大樹  Biochem Biophys Res Commun.  2017/09/01  10.1016/j.bbrc.2017.08.159 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  共著  Synthesis and biological evaluation of the natural product komaroviquinone and related compounds aiming at a potential therapeutic lead compound for high-risk multiple myeloma.  市川 大樹  Bioorg Med Chem Lett.  2017/08/30  10.1016/j.bmcl.2017.08.054 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  共著  Early generated B1 B cells with restricted BCRs become chronic lymphocytic leukemia with continued c-Myc and low Bmf expression.  市川 大樹  J Exp Med  213/ 13, 3007-3024  2016/12/12 
研究論文(学術雑誌)  共著  Identification of Novel HLA-A*24:02-Restricted Epitope Derived from a Homeobox Protein Expressed in Hematological Malignancies  市川 大樹  PLOS ONE  11/ 1  2016/01  1932-6203  10.1371/journal.pone.0146371 

口頭発表(一般)  Cereblon-independent anti-myeloma pathway of TC11, a novel compound of immunomodulatory drugs  第79回日本血液学会  2017/10/20 
ポスター発表  PEG(E)-TC11はCRBN非依存的に細胞周期の調節を介してハイリスク骨髄腫の増殖を抑制する  第42回日本骨髄腫学会学術集会  2017/05/28 
ポスター発表  PEG(E)-TC11, a novel polyethylene glycol-linked phthalimide derivative, inhibited high-risk MM cell growth in vivo and in vitro via cell cycle G2/M arrest in a CRBN-independent manner.  American association for cancer research annual meeting 2017  2017/04/05 
ポスター発表  Komaroviquinone-Derivatives, Revealed Anti-Tumor Effect on High-Risk Multiple Myeloma Cells In Vitro as Well as In Vivo  ASH, 58th Annual Meeting & Exposition  2016/12/03 
口頭発表(一般)  Structural optimization and anti-tumor activities of komaroviquinone to high-risk myeloma  第78回日本血液学会学術集会  2016/10/13