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Lecturer Meiji Univ.  2001/04/01-2015/03/31 
Associate Professor, Institute of Library and Information Science, University of Tsukuba  2004/04-2008/03 
Adjunet Researcher, IICP  2007/04-Present 
Associate Professor, Department of Policy Management, Keio University  2009/04/01-2013/03/31 
Professor, Department of Policy Management, Keio University  2013/04/01-Present 

Academic Degrees
Ph.D.in Law  Komazawa University  1999/03/25 

Research Areas
Public Law 
New Types of Jurisprudence 

Research Keywords
Data Protection 
Personal Information 
Information Law 
Cyber Law 
Legal Informatics 
Constitutional Law 

Proposed Theme of Joint or Funded Research
バイオメトリクスの利用と法  Interested in joint research with industry (including private organizations, etc.)  Joint research 
個人情報保護  Interested in joint research with industry (including private organizations, etc.)  Joint research 
Robot-Law  Interested in joint research with industry (including private organizations, etc.)  Commisioned research,Joint research 
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Funded Research Projects (Competitive Research Funds, etc.)
IoT環境における自律ロボットの法的課題  Research grant  公益財団法人KDDI財団  公益財団法人KDDI財団2017年度調査研究助成  2017/04/01-2020/03/31 
Trans-disciplinary Research Project on Co-designing Social Systems (Law, Economics and Management) and AI/Robot Technologies  Research grant  The Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society (RISTEX), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)  Human Information Technology Ecosystem(HITE)  2016/11/01-2019/10/31  Research subjects are expected to expand to those associated with "new services" and "changes in social infrastructures" for which artificial intelligence (AI) is utilized. In order to predict the possible effects of rapid technical development on society and discuss social systems, it is desirable to set up evaluation axes from interdisciplinary and diversified standpoints. In Japan, however, no one has attempted to systematically study the effects of AI and robotics on society, and preparations for social system construction in anticipation of technical development, such as new laws, economic systems, and management strategies, are not enough. Amid the third AI boom, certain new problems occurring at the points of contact between technology and society, such as technical unemployment, have been emphasized. AI and robotics are highly versatile, and the existing social frameworks and rules established by humans do not necessarily conform to social frameworks and rules based on the use and application of AI and robotics. While they contain many potential issues, it is difficult to briefly predict problems that may occur in the future. Therefore, a "society where information technology and humans fit together" can be considered a culture in which problems and risks that are expected to occur can be avoided, and the sense of values desired is reflected. The purpose of this study is to collaboratively create how future technology and society should be through dialogue between researchers in the following fields: AI and robotics, law, ethics, economics and management relating to social systems, and various stakeholders, such as Japanese companies leading the use and application of AI and robotics. In addition, we will aim to suggest systems necessary to build cutting-edge rules and social infrastructures as a global hub. 
海外学会等参加助成  Research grant  公益財団法人KDDI財団  海外学会等参加助成  2015/11/01-2016/03/31 
ユーザ中心のプライバシー保護と個人情報セキュリティ確立に関する学際的国際比較研究  Research grant  日本学術振興会  科学研究費補助金  2015/04/01-2018/03/31 
ソーシャルメディア時代における組織ならびに個人の行動と個人情報保護に関する研究  Research grant  日本学術振興会  科学研究費補助金  2012/04/01-2015/03/31 
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Research Achievements (Books)
ロボット法  SHIMPO Fumio  勁草書房  2018/01/30  978-4326403455 
AIネットワーク時代の法政策  SHIMPO Fumio  AIの利用と個人情報保護制度における課題  弘文堂  2017 
医療白書2017-2018年版:AIが創造する次世代型医療 ヘルスケアの未来はどう変わるのか  SHIMPO Fumio  第5章 AIの社会実装に向けた法的課題と国民の意識変容  2017/07/30 
Q&A 個人情報保護法の法律相談─最新法制度の理解から実務対応まで─  岡村久道 編新保 史生  民事法研究会  2017/07/06  9784865561647 
価値創造の健康情報プラットフォーム:医療データの活用と未来  秋山 美紀 (著, 編集), 中澤 仁 (著, 編集), 當仲 香 (著, 編集), 内山 映子 (著), 本田 由佳 (著), 新保 史生 (著), 村井 純 (監修)  第7章 181-206頁(全256頁)  慶應義塾大学出版会  2016/11/17  4766422406 
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Research Achievements (Original Articles and Commentaries)
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Single  The Principal Japanese AI and Robot Strategy and Research toward Establishing Basic Principles  SHIMPO Fumio  Japan Association of Law and Information Systems  第3  2018/05/01 
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Single  AIブームへの法の向き合い方  SHIMPO Fumio  ビジネス法務  No.30, 2-3  2018/02/01 
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Single  Recent Policy Trends of AI and Robot Law in Japan  SHIMPO Fumio  人工知能  人工知能学会  32/ 5, 665-671  2017/09/01 
Research paper (scholarly journal)  Single  ロボット法をめぐる法領域別課題の鳥瞰  SHIMPO Fumio  情報法制研究創刊号  9章, 65-78  2017/06/01 
(MISC) Review or Commentary (business magazine)  Joint  自動運転の導入に向けた制度的課題 -国内外におけるルール作りの最新動向-  SHIMPO Fumio  高速道路と自動車  60/ 3, 1-2  2017/05/01 
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Research Achievements (Oral/Poster Presentations)
Oral presentation (invited/special)  AI, Robot, plus IoT and its relationship with Data Protection and Privacy  The 6th APSN International Conference  2017/09/27  URL 
Symposium workshop panel (nominated)  Alliance Engagement Priorities for the Common Good  Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development and Alliance Engagement  2017/01/12  The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace will host a half-day conference to explore the current state of AI development in the United States and Japan and consider an alliance strategy for AI-related engagement. It will review recent trends in this field and examine each country’s relative strengths and weaknesses, focusing not only on government policy with regard to key milestones and global norms, but also the private sector’s involvement. The U.S. National Science and Technology Council recommended in October 2016 that the United States should develop a government-wide strategy for international engagement related to AI, and this event can contribute concretely to a U.S.-Japan foundation for that strategy. 
Oral presentation (invited/special)  AI, Robot and Data Protection  Japan's 2017 Data Privacy and Tech Agenda: A Briefing by Senior Japanese Government and Academic Officials  2017/01/11 
Oral presentation (invited/special)  人間性と機械 ~法・制度と責任~  アカデメイア研究会「知と思想 グローバリズムとデモクラシー ~帝国、経済、宗教、民族、IT、環境~」グループ 第9回会合  2016/12/12 
Public lecture, seminar, tutorial, training session, lecture, etc.  自動運転の導入に向けた制度的課題―国内外におけるルール作りの最新動向ー  公益財団法人高速道路調査会  2016/12/02 
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Research Achievements (Artistic, Fieldwork, etc.)
Lecture  Single  ビッグデータの取扱いをめぐる 法的責任と情報管理のあり方  2013/02/05-Present 
Lecture  Single  プライバシー保護の世界的新潮流 ~プライバシー保護におけるPbDの意図~  2012/11/16-Present 
Lecture  Single  マイナンバー制度について  2012/11/01-Present 
Lecture  Single  スマートフォン利用者の個人情報保護  2012/10/02-Present 
Lecture  Single  マイナンバー導入による個人情報保護の責務と施策  2012/09/27-Present  [講義項目]1.マイナンバー法の構造 2.マイナンバー法案の修正点 3.安心できる番号制構築のための仕組み 4.個人番号情報保護委員会(三条機関)設置の意義 5.特定個人情報保護評価指針の構成 6.マイナンバー時代の個人情報保護のあり方 
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Nextcom 情報通信論文賞  ロボット法学の幕開け  2017/01/27 
第18回「電気通信普及財団賞」テレコム社会科学賞 奨励賞  2003 
第1回「ドコモ・モバイル・サイエンス賞」奨励賞  2003 
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Memberships in Academic Societies
人工知能学会  2016/04/01-Present 
電子情報通信学会  2012/04/01-Present 
情報処理学会  2007-Present 
日本公法学会  2007-Present 
日本図書館情報学会  2003-2015/03/31 
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Committee Experiences
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)  Committee for Information,Computer and Communications Policy(ICCP),Working Party on Information Security and Privacy (WPISP) Working Party on Information Security and Privacy (WPISP)Vice-Chair  2009/10/12-Present 
Asia-Pacific Privacy Charter Council (APPCC)  member  2003/08-Present 
The Information Network Law Association  Information System Committee Chairman  2002-2008 
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